Time and Miro, An image showing a strong use of motion

Time and Miro, An image showing a strong use of motion



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Time and MiroAn image showing a strong use of motion

Tittle: People in a boat

Artist: Robert Blackburn

Medium: Drawing

Timeless image

Tittle: Shinto/Buddhist votive Plaque with image of Jizo (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva0 Attached to a Circular Mirror


Medium: Plaque

An image that uses circular (cyclical or non-linear) time

Tittle: astral Snake

Artist: Anselm Kiefer

Medium: Painting

(The Metropolitan Museum of Art Web).Miro has actually achieved his intended goal since there are several incidences of repetition, rhythm and action that tie the work together. He has managed to control my eyes by making them move along various paths shapes and colors. He has related various elements together such as color that makes the eyes move around the whole paint without concentrating on a particular point. The intensity of the color used is almost uniform throughout the whole work. There are also large spaces between lines which are really creating harmony. There are fewer figures and few lines on the artwork that depict statutory movement and harmony on the image.

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