tickets to the concert



A relational transgression occurs whenever people go against or violate explicit or implicit relationship rules. The transgressions include diverse behaviors that may result from actions of people in a relationship. In this case, the core concept of relational transgression that has been brought to light is forgiveness. After the failure of David to take Jennifer to a concert that he had promised here months ago, she did not care to forgive him even after he explained himself and apologized, promising never to do such a thing again.

In general terms, forgiveness is a tough decision that involves letting go of a certain kind of resentment and diverse thoughts of revenge towards somebody after a wrong has been committed towards you. The act that offended ether of the parties may remain always, as part of life, but the act of forgiveness may in most cases lessen the grip and help the offended party focus on the more profitable and positive parts of life.

Forgiveness never means that there is denial of the other person’s responsibility for committing the act that offended somebody; neither does it serve to justify a wrong. Instead, a person can be forgiven without excusing the wrong that has been done. Forgiveness acts in bringing to an individual a certain kind of peace that is essential in building life on a positive perspective.

Jennifer was hurt y the act of David taking his ex-girlfriend to the concert, but if she continues living without forgiving David for this offense, then her life will not be peaceful as there will always be something reminding her of bitterness that she felt as a result of this act. What is going to solve the case is forgiveness, whereby even if she keeps on remembering what happened in the past, she will be at ease as she will have forgiven him and moved on with life.


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