Three Characteristics from a favorite teacher.

Three Characteristics from a favorite teacher.




DateThree Characteristics from a favorite teacher.

There is a big difference in becoming a teacher and becoming a great teacher. Great teachers are seen to be angels and God sent. It is necessary to have definite characteristics that one can emulate from a favorite teacher because such desirable characteristics are what sets so many individuals apart. Good teachers have a great impact on the lives of learners and to a greater extent influence how the learners reason, think, learn and how they interact with the environment and better yet, the teachers have the ability to influence the attitude of the learners on important aspects and certain discipline in school. When I look I back, the definition of a good teacher is a good human being, who inspires the students, boosts their confidence, encourages them, believes in them and motivates them and ensures that the students are on the right track to success. Good and better teachers are good people and vessels of progress and excellence.

The characteristics to be emulated from a favorite teacher include; is patience. Teaching is a noble profession and it takes a lot of dedication and passion for the teachers to achieve what they ought to achieve, which is assisting their students to become their ideal selves and to be effective and very efficient in whatever it is that they do. It is an important principle to understand that the students are unique and they all need different kind of assistance. Some of the traits that I can emulate from some of the great teachers include empathy. Empathy is an important quality and when it is possessed by teachers it is really vital because it will enable the teachers help their students to process their feelings better and to become better individuals. Empathy enables the teachers to understand their students better and to meet them at their point of need and in others in those desperate and very confusing moments. When a teacher is empathetic he/she will have the ability to assist their students through difficult situations. Empathy puts the teachers in the shoes of their students and help them fell understood and to overcome feelings of defeat and enhances the feelings of safety and positive productivity. Empathy is certainly a trait I will emulate from my teacher.

Another important trait that I will emulate is the drive for self-improvement. Self-improvement and drive is an important trait that I would carry with me to my teaching practice. It will enable be to always be alert and to be on the lookout on what I can do and improve on to become a better teacher. It will help me improve on my teaching methods as well as other important traits that will propel me ahead. It will also help me be a life-longer and to keep improving on the areas or my career as well as to be better prepared for the future.

Adaptability is another important characteristic that I will learn and adapt from my favorite teacher. Being adaptable will enable me to work better with different people in that field and it will also ensure that I personally understand how to navigate the field, it will teach me how to adjust how I approach certain situations and the methods I need to pick and to drop in order to became better in everything that I do. By emulating the stated characteristics I will certainly excel and become better in the noble profession.