This tale type is a combination of different tales that include magic, monster tales, unnatural cruelty, captives and fugitiv



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This tale type is a combination of different tales that include magic, monster tales, unnatural cruelty, captives and fugitives. It covers magically empowered rebels who attempt to overthrow a failed administration. Unnatural cruelty in the tail symbolizes results of bad governance while captives and fugitives which are also important elements in the tale represent consequences of war. This fairy tale tackles some of the societal and political problems as well as norms and expectations of good leadership. The War of Salvation is a fairy tale pointing out some of the consequences of failed administrations.

The War of Salvation

Long, long ago there was a fiery battle in Ubagdu that led to assassination of King Despot and his family. Children and women were the main casualties. Foreign countries withdrew their citizens as a way of protecting them against the war. Several bodies lay on the roads but there was no time of viewing or burying the bodies. There was foul smell of blood and rotten bodies all over the town. The all city was indeed scary and the sound of gunfire and obscene site of dark smoke of burning buildings and vehicles was widespread. The sky and the horizon were obscured with thick dark smoke. Indeed it was an unimaginable and pathetic scene that no one could have hoped for.

It all started with ethnic violence from the northern part of the town. Banda rebels from the Bandar ethnic group vowed to overthrow King Despot after a long reign of dictatorship. The Banda vowed to fight the King and his ethnic community (the Grand) for derailing the progress of their land. The battling ethnic groups forced their male children and fully grown up men to engage in battle without considering their ability in war. The Bandar felt that they were being mistreated by the Grand. Government positions were not equally distributed as per the country’s law. Most positions in the government were occupied by the Grand ethnic group where the King belonged. King Despot concentrated in developing his community by building infrastructures and other useful resources in the Grand’s region leaving other regions underdeveloped.

Banda rebels were very powerful because they were backed by the great magician from the Southern sides called Ibagni. Ibagni was a huge giant who had supernatural powers especially when it comes to war and was also an anti-government. He would predict the end of the war before it begins and advice whoever wants to go for a battle. Ibagni also used his powers to advise rebels on the best way to attack the Grand ethnic group. He understood the terrain of the land and also some of the weaknesses of both the government and the Grand community when it comes to war. The giant advised the rebels on the strategic positions where the rebels could attack the King and his community.

Increase in intensity of the war especially after assassination of the king prompted many nations to withdraw their citizens from the country for fear of their lives. America sent for rescue team which included well-trained soldiers with superior weapons led by lieutenant Smoke who had vast experience in rescue missions and various battle fields. The soldiers planned to enter the country through a very thick forest being that it was the best path that they could use to enter the violent town .The forest was also free from violent and therefore offered a good place of setting their temporary base.

On their way to town American soldiers led by Smoke found a magically designed shrine within the forest. There were many injured people and refugees hanging around the shrine as well as an American woman with the help of few people administering first aid services to the war victims. The woman was a great physician called Softier. Softier served very many victims and provided food and shelter for several refugees. Soldiers’ mission was to start with rescuing Softier and the couple that owned the shrine. Some soldiers remained behind to protect Softier and her group as they also assisted the victims and the refugees in many ways.

The most interesting thing was that Softier refused to go to America because she felt that people would perhaps die and be distressed because they had no one to attend to them. She wanted to go back to America only when the war ended. She only requested the American government and other international communities to provide food and other necessities to the war victims. She did not care about the ethnic group or origin of her patients. She claimed that everyone belonged to God and that all people were equal before God despite their social status in the society. Softier was so much interested in the refugees’ wellbeing that she said that it would be better to fly some seriously injured victims to America so that they could receive serious medical attention.

Smoke agreed to carry with them all the seriously injured patients as a way of pleasing Softier. However, the American troops were really irritated with the act as much as they had agreed to it. Just before flying, refugees were let to relax at night by the soldiers. Softier took the relaxation time to offer medication to the patients whose health seemed deteriorating. The army put all their efforts in protecting their people and the refugees from being attacked by the Banda rebels who were trying to pursue them. The Banda rebels thought that Americans had come to help King’s men in the war. Interestingly, some of the Banda people were part of the refugees but the giant magician advised the rebels that Americans were a great threat to their success in the war. The rebels confronted the refugees camp carrying some bleeding bodies but Smoke and his people fired at them. A good number of rebels were killed. Attempts by Softier to convince Smoke not to kill the rebels did not succeed. It was actually difficult to ascertain the intention of the rebels.

The soldiers quickly moved with the refugees to where their choppers and war crafts were. Upon reaching, they turned against the refugees and ordered them to remain behind as they prepared to depart. Lieutenant Smoke ordered Softier to enter the war craft at a gun point and she desolately obeyed without even uttering a word. Just before the soldiers took off, a rebel soldier shot dead some of the refugees. This prompted Smoke to order his pilots to stop taking off. Smoke and his team fiercely responded to the attacks of the rebels. Most of the Banda soldiers were killed after a violent attack then Smoke ordered that refugees be taken to a nearby country where they could feel safe.

The fact that rebels were trailing and attacking American armies highly annoyed Smoke. One of the refugees named Peter revealed that giant Igbani was responsible for the American and refugees miseries. Smoke and his men declared war on Igbani and went to mountain where Igbani was leaving. The American soldiers got the giant who despite trying to use his magic to kill the soldiers, was shot at the forehead and died instantly. Death of Igbani was a big blow to the Banda rebels. Smoke further ambushed the rebels at night and killed most of them. The Banda numbers decreased and this really weakened their effort.

Banda rebels eventually surrendered and Peter became a King after he was chosen by the refugees and the King’s soldiers in conjunction with the few remaining rebels. Peter was considered a neutral leader because he neither came from Bandar nor the Grand ethnic groups which were the majority groups. He was regarded as the best ruler compared to King Despot. He fired all the Despot’s cabinet and came up with a new cabinet. He balanced his cabinet in a very good way by making appointments from at least every ethnic group. Peter further ensured reconciliation of the two major ethnic groups through dialogue.