This paper posits to explain who I am, how I become me, and the life experiences that shaped the person I am, as well as the

This paper posits to explain who I am, how I become me, and the life experiences that shaped the person I am, as well as the





My Story


This paper posits to explain who I am, how I become me, and the life experiences that shaped the person I am, as well as the way I see and interact with humanity around me. I am a young man of Chinese origin who at one time in my upbringing, I lived in China prior to joining the University. I come from a humble family, and I have a younger brother who seeks inspiration from me. In this paper I will illustrate how my father influenced me as a leader in an investment company that he owns. I draw a lot of inspiration from my father since I have seen him build his investment company from scratch. My father is literally my mentor and role model since he has demonstrated to us, as his family, how to stay focused even in periods of turmoil. Prior to leaving China, my father was a bank manger in one of the leading banks in china. However, due to diverse reasons related to the political climate in China, our family left in some unclear circumstances. This meant that my father’s entire life savings and property in China was lost and he had to start from scratch. Upon entering this country, my father maneuvered his way and started an investment company with the help of some old friends. Today he is my inspiration as I pursue my studies looking forward to a successful life in the future.


Role models are extremely vital psychologically for individuals, in that they help in guiding these individuals in the course of life throughout their development. This helps in making essential decisions that influence the outcome of people’s lives, and to help in finding happiness in life. As a person grows they search for role models for insight and utilize this as an outline for how they ought to behave when they are older. This is probably a survival activity designed to assist people to imitate the traits of successful members of the society and thus help them in being successful too. In addition, it’s considered that in later life, a person’s happiness is based on their perception of how their life ought to or can be and the breach between that, and the way it is in actuality. In other words, it means striving for similar success as well as achieving it that causes happiness or frustration when people grow older. This is referred to as actualization.

Role models are regularly considered to be essential to the successful progress of youthful aspiring managers. It is essential to note that, role models are individuals whose attributes, styles, and behaviors are emulated by other people. In contrast to mentors, who are usually close, since they are personally known in interactive relationships with the young person, role models usually are not familiar with the user of the role model, nor do they offer their consent to be used in this manner. For this reason, role models could be close or remote to the user of the role model. The theory of social learning is useful in illustrating how role modeling operates. People monitor the conduct of others in certain situations, and observe the outcomes of the conduct. Consequently, they employ this knowledge to form their own behavior in comparable contexts with anticipation of similar results. They are socialized into an approval of the abilities, values, expected behaviors as well as social knowledge requisite for their new responsibilities, mainly in organizational life. In the course of emulation of monitored behaviors as well as career paths of the role models, the youthful managers as well as professionals perform their new responsibilities.

Role models might be current leaders in a range of fields, who exhibit certain behaviors, qualities, attitudes, and characteristics, that are inspirational to other people as models for the successful assimilation of self and new careers.

My Father as My Mentor and Role Model. There is usually one person in every person’s life that forms their strength of character. There is usually one individual who offers a person courage, guidance, and wisdom. For most people there is usually someone is their lives that inspires them and makes them desire to be better individuals. All people have role models or mentors in their lives, somebody that they can draw inspiration from, and proudly say why they do. That individual in my life is my father. He is my mentor, as well as my role model. My father always inspires me to prosper, to succeed, to live and love. My father is the reason that I am the individual I am at the moment. A role model is somebody who continues to thrust us towards greatness. This is prominence in us, as well as prominence in this harsh world. Role models have an enormous burden on them, so it is an achievement for them to recognize that the people whom they influence have done something that gratifies them. Role models effortlessly assume the role of heroes in people’s lives. It would be fitting to share what a sensation it is to confidently declare that my father is actually my hero. He gives me confidence to succeed, and he narrates to me real life stories derived from his experiences. He offers me the necessary advice I require exactly at the time I require it in order to thrive. He is the individual that makes everything perfect for me. In the event that I have experienced a terrible day, it takes is his influence to get the encouragement that I require. In the event that I accomplish something in life, feel compelled to share it with my father since he is the person who gave me the inspiration to do it in the first place.


Because of my father, I will always endeavor to be better in my life. My father is intelligent, outstanding, honest and wholesome. When I require something put in the appropriate perspective I pursue his opinion. I adore my father, instead of something unachievable or misinterpreted by the media. I acknowledge that I require something concrete in my life to steer me in the appropriate direction. My father is proud of me for what I have achieved as well as, the manner in which I share the joy and cheerfulness that he has instilled in me, as well as the people around me. That is an illustration of how my father has influenced me to becoming a better person. Looking at my father, I now realize that leaders always develop leaders. Prudent leaders like my father acknowledge that the imperative responsibility they have of developing upcoming leaders.