This assessment requires you to demonstrate professional expertise in the areas of research and written presentation of information on CAM treatmentor s of health conditionor s. Materials and Equipment

Assessment Details
Type of Assessment: Article
Task Overview: You are required to write an article of 600 words on the appropriate uses of a
nutrient or herb and how it could be used for general health conditions.
Format: Your submission must be typewritten. Submit 600 words in total. Academic
writing style is required. Ensure you follow the guidelines provided in the
Academic Writing Guide found in the Academic Skills section of your Learning
Portal and proof-read your work before submission to avoid typos, spelling and
grammar errors.
Font size and spacing: 11-12 point; 1.5 or double spacing
Referencing: The assignment must be referenced in-text according to the Academic Writing
Guide found in the Academic Skills section of your Learning Portal. The
referencing style required is APA 6th edition.
In addition to your compulsory textbooks, you must refer to at least five (5) full
text medical journal papers or other medical or nursing textbooks. It is
inappropriate to reference lecture notes and non-academic websites.
HLT60112 Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
HLT60512 Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
Subject Title
HLT61012 Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine WA1
ADVCOMPD13 ? Professional Development
Delivery Mode ?Flexible Online ?Face to Face
Unit(s) of Competency HLTCOM502C Develop Professional Expertise
Title of Assessment Task Written assignment 1- Article
You will need the following:
? Textbooks and reference material
? Internet access
? Learning Portal Access

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