Third Regiment of Infantry





Third Regiment of Infantry

Under the Act of March 5, 1792, the Third United States Infantry came to be, this act was institutionalized to ensure that the frontiers of the United States protection and provisions were taken care to necessitate the raising of some other regiments of infantry and also to finish battalion of artillery. President Washington’s direction saw the Third infantry organized as the Sub-legion third infantry. Later under the Act of May 30, 1976, with Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Gaither as the first commandant, the Infantry of the Third sub-legion became the third regiment of infantry and until 1800 it was stationed along the northwestern frontier (McRae).

           The first person who became the first colonel was Colonel Pasteur after the regiment reorganization since the Act of March 16, 1802, when it had been discharged after the colonel resigned he was replaced by Colonel William, then Dent Beall, then Joseph Constant and later Colonel Gilbert C. Russell, today its commander is Colonel James J. Tuite. The unit is the oldest active regiment in the army since it was in 1784 when it was organized as the first American regiment. The regiment is organized into four battalions with the 1ST,2ND AND 4th being active with their headquarters in Fort Myer, VA, the common name associated with the unit is, “The Old Guard”. Just like how every unit has its motto, ‘We shall remain here’ is the third regiment infantry motto that came to be while they were in the second battle of the Marne as the French were retreating the then commander Maj. Gen. Joseph Dickman, gave the troops the orders in French so that they could hear “Nous resterons la!” it means we shall remain here(Elphick). The composition of this unit, the rifle squad that has 12 soldiers, 11 with semi-automatic rifles and one with an automatic one, a staff agent assisted by the sergeant are in charge. Secondly, we have the rifle platoon which is composed of three rifle squads and as small headquarter cell, the technical sergeant, a staff agent, and two messengers are usually in charge. Also, there is a rifle company it has three rifle platoons, a weapons platoon, and a company headquarters, it usually has 6 officers,187 enlisted men and is headed by a captain. Lastly, we have the infantry battalion it has three infantry rifle companies, a headquarters & headquarters company, and a heavy weapons company, a commander is usually designated(Foster).

           Since 24th October 1918 to today the third regiment infantry has had the same patch which is three white stripes on a blue field the blue field represent the soldiers that have been lost while in service while the whites symbolize the three major operations the unit was involved in the World War 1(Line). The unit has been involved in various operations since its organizations, n 1794 they emerged victorious against the Indians at Ohio, World War 1 when they got their motto after the battle with the French, World war 2 where it was the unit with the most combat days. The unit was also involved in the Korean war where they stopped a breakthrough of the enemy in 30 hours, they recorded more infantry time than any other Infantry in Korea. During the Cold war, the unit advanced to Germany where they acted as a strong symbol and to prevent communism to expand on a military level, later in 1991 the war was won. Lastly, the unit was involved in the Gulf war which saw the deployment of more than 6000 servicemen and women they comforted the refugees and also brought to an end the Saddam Hussein rule in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The unit has also participated in the Guerilla war of Northern Luzon, Rome, Palermo, and Colmar. Despite it being the oldest unit in the US Army it is also the only one that served in all the 10 campaigns of the war, took part in four amphibious landings.

             Moreover, Lieutenant Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier in the World War 2 and he was from the 15th infantry regiment in France and Italy, the medal of honor has been awarded to 39 soldiers in world war 2,13 others in the Korean war, Paul Smith medal in Gulf war, 133 have received distinguished service crosses, over 2000 others receiving silver stars and so many others. Additionally, they are various commanders who have been noted for the amazing contribution to the army, they include MG Tony Cucolo, MG Joseph T. Dickman, MG John P. Lucas, MG Lucian Truscott, and LTG John W. O’Daniel. Currently, the unit is deployed in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the unit is also the highest with the soldiers who have been lost while on the service of duty, they are estimated to be over 33,000.

            In conclusion, thy are various units of armies with servicemen and women who have devoted their time and also sacrifice to protect our country, while they are bound to experience many troublers whole out and about it is up to us to ensure that we do not only recognize their service but also enlist. Lastly, various scholars while documenting the success of the Third Regiment Infantry have always mentioned that their glory days are not over and I agree with them since they have been shining since 1784.




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