Thesis Technology has changed the way we do everything and that is why almost all professions





Artificial Intelligence

Thesis: Technology has changed the way we do everything and that is why almost all professions have incorporated Artificial Intelligence and although it has helped grow businesses it has also resulted in various downsides including reducing human to human interaction in businesses (Brooks).


Define Artificial Intelligence including a brief historical background

Give general ideas given on the advantages and disadvantages of AI by various people

Thesis statement


Technology has overtaken everything in the world we live in, no matter the industry there is use of technology in carrying out various tasks (Tufekci).

Artificial intelligence which is part of technology is the branch that portrays how computers are able to perform complex tasks thus working like humans.

AI has been credited for its accuracy and precision unlike humans who are often prone to error.

AI saves times as it is speedy and a lot of tasks thus can get done

Artificial intelligence has eliminated the need for humans to do mind-numbing work.

Artificial intelligence is able to perform backbreaking and intensive human tasks with no need of human intervention for example use of robots I manufacturing industry such as in Japan (Fei-Fei).

Combination of human effort and AI results in excellent services for example in banking industry.

AI has helped human attain the impossible for example going to the moon and predicting disasters before they happen through data science and analytics

Artificial intelligence will probably result in end of human race

Stephen Hawking, the world famous physicist did a research and came up with the

conclusion that the development and full embrace of artificial intelligence will end the human race.

Human have become too dependent on technology that A.I is slowly replacing humans, basically everything humans can do computers are doing

Creation of robots is being embraced. Recently there were suggestions to create a female robot companion for the man (Samantha doll) (Hanson).

Use of AI in all sectors will result in unemployment

Every task is being conducted with technology thus human labor is no longer needed in most places

With self-driving cars, drivers may not be needed and use of AI in hospital including in performing surgery means need for less doctors

Use of AI may replace human to human interaction


Sum up my points on the need to embrace AI while pointing out the effect it may have

Give recommendations on how AI and human efforts can be incorporate.

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