Theoretical perspective about effect of Fathers voice on neurobehavioral development of premature infants.


Paper 1: Review of Theories Paper Due 3/7/16 by 11:59 PM [Submit paper via Canvas Assignments]

I.Background and Significance of the Problem

a. Briefly describe the problem and why it is an important area of research (you can use some the background information on the proposal but you may add or organise).

b. State the main research question ( you can state the questions on the proposal file).

II. Theoretical Perspectives on the Problem/Issue

a. Review the theoretical and empirical literature on your phenomenon of interest (include literature from nursing and other disciplines). Pay particular attention to the theories (or conceptual frameworks) that have been used to investigate your topic. Read broadly enough to get a good overview of the theories have been used to understand and/or explain your problem. Cite at least 10-15 high-quality, scientific references.

b. Summarize the 2-3 main theories or conceptual approaches that have been used in the literature to describe, explain, or predict the phenomenon, or that have been used to guide research in this area.

c. Compare and contrast these major theories. How are they similar or different with regard to the philosophical assumptions, conceptualizations of major concepts, and explanation of the theoretical relationships?

III. Write clearly and succinctly. Pay particular attention to synthesizing, integrating and critically evaluating the literature. Present your ideas logically. Use transitions. Include an introduction and summary. Adhere to APA style (6th edition), including abstract, heading and subheading structure, reference format, and running head. Use subheadings. Length should be approximately 10 pages, excluding references.

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