Themes in Caged Bird-Maya

Themes in Caged Bird-Maya


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Themes in Caged Bird-Maya Angelou


Thesis statement: This text highlights the main themes that are depicted in Caged Bird by Maya Angelou, including oppression, freedom, and resilience.


Main point 1: Oppression


The caged bird is frustrated with the situation but cannot see through the bars of rage

The oppressive circumstances limit the bird’s ability to take flights

While the bird is not free to fly, its soul points to the freedom that it years for.

Main point 2: Freedom

the free bird’s unlimited access to the sky, sun, and wind

The caged bird laments because of the confinement, and it is clear that he longs to be set free

Angelou juxtaposes the perspectives of the two birds to show that the caged bird appreciates the true value of freedom while the free bird feel entitled to its freedom

Main point 3: Resilience

The speaker describes the song of freedom sang by the caged animal as a paradox

The speaker realizes the song being snag by the bird is a freedom song in a different form.

Angelou lays emphasis on the beauty of the resilience displayed by the caged bird despite the confinement


In closing, the dominant themes exhibited in Maya Angelou’s Caged Bird include resilience, freedom, and oppression.