Theme of Love Loyalty and Friendship in Simon Morgenstern’s The Princess Bride

Theme of Love Loyalty and Friendship in Simon Morgenstern’s The Princess Bride


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Theme of Love Loyalty and Friendship in Simon Morgenstern’s The Princess Bride

The characters in The Princess Bride go through situations that bring out the ideal meaning of true friendship, love, and loyalty for each other. The actions in the novel are majorly motivated by pure love for each other. Westley and Buttercup endure suffering and tribulations but fight for each other due to the power of true love (Goldman 2007).. The relationship between Westley and Buttercup is hailed as the epitome of true love. Morgenstern gives a reference to the rankings of different things such as beautiful women, perfect couples, and best kisses. Through the novel, he insists that Buttercup is the most beautiful woman in her early twenties. Her kiss with Westley is regarded as the perfect kiss in the universe. These kiss rankings indicate that the love between Westley and Buttercup is true, meant to be, and the perfect of all other kinds of love (Symons, 2007)

Additionally, Buttercup is ready to commit suicide for the sake of Westley. She forsakes her role as the queen in her quest to find true love. Westley, however, is saved and reappears just in time to save her from killing herself.

On the other hand, Inigo loves and is loyal to his father, a fact that motivates his thirst for revenge. Though there’s nothing spoken outright about Inigo and Fezzik as done to Westley and Buttercup, their friendship is a real example of true companionship. Fezzik’s insecurity over his strength and fear of being left alone exposes him to selfish manipulation by Vizzini (Goldman 2007).. However, Inigo treats him kindly and gently, thus making Fezzik happy. They both work together and combine their strengths to enter the Zoo of death to accomplish their goals (Gale, 2016) . It’s because of love and loyalty between Inigo and Fezzik that they are miraculously reunited.

Both Westley and Buttercup also evidence loyalty. Her loyalty remains to Westley even after agreeing to marry Humperdinck. The same is the case with Westley, who shows his loyalty to Buttercup after a long time. He risks life to save Buttercup and always responds to her every command with “As you wish.”

Through the book, Goldman creates a story that helps readers understand how to evaluate relationships. He suggests that people should not base relationships on rankings but rather on how they treat each other. The theme of true love, loyalty, and friendships supersede all other themes in this text.

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