Thematic Analysis of Misery by Stephen King

Thematic Analysis of Misery by Stephen King




Thematic Analysis of Misery by Stephen King

Thesis statement

Stephen King builds on the theme of suspense in various scene of the book using various literary devices including symbolism, characters, themes, irony, mood and diction, thus creating a clear mental picture and understanding of the scenes to the reader.


Misery is a horror thriller by Stephen king that features horror and suspense

Suspense is seen throughout the novel as we try to anticipate what happens at the end of the story

Thesis statement


Suspense has been used to builds on character trait of the Antagonist Annie. The first scene is when Sheldon is rescued after the car accident

From the rescue character of Annie is seen to be that of a caring person and loving who goes out of her way to help

The hobbing scene portrays Annie Walker as a delusional and Villain being who is dangerous bringing in a change of character.

Suspense is created on the basis that we are not in a position to know if she was going to harm Paul Sheldon

Suspense create a shocking twist in the novel making it more interesting. Annie chops of Sheldon’s hand a shocking twist

Annie realizes Paul Sheldon has been leaving his room and she believes he needs to be protected from herself which is ironical as she is the danger

The incorporation of Annie’s mental instability builds on suspense as no one can predict what she is going to do next

From these scene, theme of control has been portrayed as Annie wants to control Sheldon

Suspense is evident when the police visits Annie’s house and as a reader you cannot know if the police will rescue Sheldon or not

Literary device present is the theme of horror and misery as the state trooper is stabbed by Annie.

His diction is very precise to portray the misery the state trooper suffered is clear as the author states number of times he stabs him and adds the fact that she run over him with lawn mower.

Another literary device in the scene is theme of hopelessness as even the state trooper his only hope is killed


Sum up how Stephen King was able to employ the literary devices including setting, diction, irony ad symbolism in building up the suspense in the novel.