the individual ability and willingness to serve in the nursing

Having successfully finished my high school education with biology and chemistry as my best subjects, my nursing dream was just a matter pf time. Nursing has been my dream since the age of 10 years when my mother was admitted in a nursing home out of an Asthma attack. My frequent visits to my ailing mum at the hospital bed made me notice the clean heart and proficient services given by the nurse to my mum. Nursing is not all about passion of fulfillment of the university selection criteria. It is more of the individual ability and willingness to serve in the nursing profession. Back in my high school, I successfully invented a locally curative drug to curb the adverse and harmful spread of flu in my school and the immediate society.

With the aid of my biology and chemistry teachers, I tested the drug made form locally available raw material and tested the effects and side effects of the drug on both human beings and the environment. Fortunately, the results indicated that the drug was actually very effective and had miniature side effects in comparison to chemically produced drugs. My nursing background is hence not driven from the passion but also driven from the knowledge and ability to pioneer lifesaver initiatives within the society. As the oldest son in a single parent family, my mother’s wellbeing became my greatest responsibility. Right from proper sleeping position, inhalers safety and critical management of adherence to the doctor’s prescription kept on nurturing my nursing career. With my younger siblings quite terrified after seen our mother lie in an intensive care unit for three days, I resolved never to let that fear wear down my strong personality to make my family strong.

The love and passion for chemistry and biology came from the polemic intention to provide a long lasting solution to my mother‘s condition. Being the only breadwinner in the family, her suffering meant all our lives are in jeopardy. Her determination to fight with asthma formulated a very strong foundation to my nursing career. I dedicated my intellectual ability to find scientific and medicinal ways to deal with my mother’s condition not only for my own sake but greatly for the sake of my siblings. My daily motivation at the nursing home is to see people being discharged out of successfully undergoing a medical process. The fight against any ailment is not only fought from the professional point but also requires fight from emotional and psychosocial angle. My nursing career is hence not a way of putting a bread in the table but rather a humble way to appreciate the society by ensuring that families do not leave in health uncertainties. After all, nursing is not among the so called “Prime careers” in the modern day world. It is hence a career that requires more that professional qualification to serve in. my nursing management career is hence my noble way of thanking the society at large by ensuring their health certainty and safety.

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