The impact of an ageing population on an RNs career

Essay purpose
This essay will give you the opportunity to develop your understanding of how an ageing population will affect your nursing practice. It will allow you to reflect on the specific skills and knowledge that you will require in order to meet the needs of an ageing demographic. Completing this essay will also further develop your academic and information literacy skills.
Essay question
Evaluate and analyse how an ageing Australian population will affect an RNs’ career.

Your essay should answer the following:
1. What are the implications of an ageing population on the Australian health care system and workforce?
2. What skills and knowledge should a registered nurse, graduating after 2016, be proficient in so as to provide quality care to an ageing demographic?
3. How does the strengths-based approach to care benefit both the RN and the patient?

Presentation Font: Size 11 Calibri
Spacing: 1.5
Indent: Each new paragraph should be indented one Tab space
Footer: Student name and number (eg: Peta Harbour s1410204)
NO title page, cover page, dot points, tables or diagrams.
Word (or equivalent) document. PDF documents will not be accepted
Use clear, coherent English that demonstrates progression towards the standard for
written communication for professional nursing practice in Australia
Use appropriate professional terminology and formal academic language and style,
with no acronyms and abbreviations

References Referencing Style: CDU APA 6th
Minimum 10 references, must include 6 peer reviewed research articles
References from 2010 onwards
Textbooks may be included
Reference list is to start on a new page at the end of the assignment
1-2 references in the introduction acceptable
NO references in the conclusion

NUR341 Learning Outcomes addressed 1. Demonstrate knowledge of the ageing process and associated complexities and relevant nursing care.
4. Initiate and implement the nursing process to deliver appropriate, quality nursing care to older persons displaying different conditions and in a range of environments.
5. Examine comprehensive assessments of the older person
6. Assess the importance of the role of the nurse in the interdisciplinary approach to care planning and implementation of care.

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