The Dynamics in Business Management Field

The Dynamics in Business Management Field
February 17, 2016 VOSEY PAGES
Please write a research report per the instructions in this link:

Do it over a job in Business management. I don’t need the resume or cover letter completed I will do that part. Send in Word format.
This particular assignment involves three components:

One cover letter.

One resume ( in print format and targeted toward a specific job description which needs to be included).

One research report (approx. 700-800 words) with 4-5 references, in APA format.

Research Report (approx. 700-800 words)

Some items to look for and include in your final research report are listed below. Select some or all of the sites below to begin your search and to find information about your field–information related to your present or future occupation. This list is by no means exhaustive, and you will have to use other search devices to find additional information as well. Create this report as a memo report addressed to me; use appropriate headings and format techniques throughout. Pay close attention to citing and documenting your sources.

Some of the points to include in your research report:

Describe the current state of your field–i.e., what is the job market like in the next few years, how is the field changing, what are ways of increasing one’s employment opportunities in the field?

Find out what professional associations you might join that are connected with your field

Research how technology is changing your field. What are some technological developments that you need to be aware of in coming years? What additional training might you need?


Approximately 250 words