The Classical Brigade System vs. Modern Brigade System





The Classical Brigade System vs. Modern Brigade System

This paper carries out a critical comparison between classical and modern Brigade systems. To perfectly do this, the paper will focus on the use of Modern Brigade System along side the elements of Classical Brigade System incorporated in the management of Boston-based Fairmont Battery Wharf Restaurant. This is one of the most developed hotels in Boston which applies Auguste’s brigade ideologies in the management of its kitchen. However, this has been in line with the changing trends in the world today (Chastonay, A., 2009.

In Fairmont Battery Wharf Restaurant, there is a very complex hierarchy of management starting from its owners. Just like any other business organization, the share holders of this hotel are the major decision makers. Since this is an investment, it is up to them to come up with the best strategies to ensure that they reap the maximum possible profit. A part from the owners, there is a post of the General Manager who is responsible for day to day operations of this hotel. As the topmost officer, the General Manager is in charge of supervision, coordination and controlling. He works in collaboration with departmental heads to ensure that all the operations in the hotel are done as scheduled. At the same time, he is responsible for hiring and firing of the hotel’s staff.

Under the General Manager is the Corporate Executive Chef. This is the overall head of the entire kitchen. He works in conjunction with all the suppliers and the kitchen employees. Besides, he makes all the major decisions in the kitchen. Because of his close ties with the kitchen staff, he liaises with the Chief Chef and his juniors to ensure that there is consistency in the value, type and quantity of cuisine leaving the kitchen. Under the Corporate Executive are the Chicken Chef; Deputy Kitchen Chef; Senior Chef; Cook; Junior Cook; Apprentice; Dishwasher; Pot washer; Roast Cook; Grill Cook; Fry Cook; Fish Cook; Soup Cook; Vegetable Cook; Food Keeper; Pastry Cook; Baker; Butcher; Spare Hand and Kitchen Boy. Each of these has a special role to play in food preparation process. For example, while the Kitchen Chef is the overall supervisor of all the activities in the kitchen, the Kitchen Boy performs auxiliary services essential for the successful preparation of dishes provided by the hotel (Kenneth, J., 2006). In such a hierarchy, command flows from top to the bottom. Meaning, any junior staff is directly answerable to his boss

The other element of Fairmont Battery Wharf Restaurant is segmentation of duties. Because of its large size, the management decided to divide all the operations into departments. Each of these is grouped depending on how close they are related to one another (Kate, M., 2003). Hence, there are locations specifically put to serve certain duties which are all making part of the food preparation process. There is a section for the preparation of the left-over, dessert, roasted, fried, cold foods. Each of them is situated in an accessible place depending on the kind of services they offer. This explains why this hotel offers a variety of complex and simple dishes in a speedy and efferent manner.

The restaurant also provides a dynamic menu which cuts a cross a variety of cultures. Each of them is prepared by the highly qualified chefs it recruits. Meaning, any client can not fail to get the type of dish he wants whether he comes from America, Europe, Africa or any other region of the world. Surely, Fairmont is a strategic place accessible to all sorts of visitors in the beautiful sceneries of this town. The availability of an efficient Front of House department further helps the restaurant to develop a good rapport with its customers. This refined organization helps it to enjoy a competitive advantage over other restaurants in the whole of the USA. A combination of simple and complex menu in this restaurant has made it attract clients from diverse racial, cultural, ethnic, political and religious backgrounds (Beal, E., 2006).

Such a brigade is the comer stone for the growth of Fairmont Battery Wharf Restaurant. It has been able to carry out its operations in an organized manner without duplicating any role. This has provided it with a violent-free working environment by uniting all the workers. At the same time, it has made it possible for it to establish a good rapport with its customers. Thus, it has won their confidence to consider it the restaurant of choice, not only in Boston, but in the larger United States of America.

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