The Birth of Tragedy, passage analysis

The Birth of Tragedy, passage analysis





The birth of tragedy

“What I managed to seize upon at that time, something fearful and dangerous, was a problem with horns, not necessarily a bull exactly, but in any event a new problem; today I would state that it was the problem of science itself—science for the first time grasped as problematic, as dubious. But that book, in which my youthful courage and suspicion then spoke, what an impossible book had to grow out of a task so contrary to the spirit of youth! Created out of merely premature, really immature personal experiences, which all lay close to the threshold of something communicable, built on the basis of art—for the problem of science cannot be understood on the basis of science—a book perhaps for artists with analytical tendencies and a capacity for retrospection (that means for exceptions, a type of artist whom it is necessary to seek out and whom one never wants to look for . . .),”

The birth of tragedy is a book inspired by the influence of philosophy in the society. The author offers his take on modern philosophical values that impact on society. The society is at the mercy of science which ranges from its discovery to the current innovations. Some of the factors that come with the trade pose as a threat of the dignity of the community. One of the themes of the passage is the unsafely of the community. This is the direct result of the constant emphasis placed on the need to evolve.

Science is a type of art reserved for the well meaning in the society. The need to discover new inventions and innovations creates situations where professionals over think ideas. This in turn gives rise to an unhealthy people who are concerned on the success as opposed to their health. The birth of tragedy is a direct interpretation of the result of ambition by the modern world. This puts a certain amount of pressure on the entire community which adheres to the societal norms. One of the factors to note is the emphasis the writer places in his dismay on the tragedy. Tragedy is a situation that cannot be avoided in any social arrangement. It can be enhanced by the occurrences that people experience on a day to day basis.

In conclusion, the birth of tragedy is representative of a new form of calamity. Some of these situations can be avoided if the society is to revaluate their stance on the need to industrialise. Despite the fact that the problem is a direct scientific problem, it cannot be fixed using science. This creates the provision for the use of philosophy as an avenue of problem solving. Tragedy can take several shapes and forms in life. It is thus essential to recognise the root of the tragedy so as to move forward as a society.