Talk about two specific theories I took away from my experience and how they help me in my current role.

Final Paper Portfolio Outline


  1. Introduction
  2. Brief background summary on company.
  3. Overview of company values
  4. Brief background summary on manager
  5. Tech background
  6. How he became a Manager
  7. Brief background summary on my job responsibilities.


  1. Company Values
  2. What roles, managerial goals, objectives, decision making, and communication play on the job on a regular basis?


III. Managers view on the Matter

  1. How my manager deals with change in management within the company and challenges that might have occurred due to this change management.


  1. Comcast Conclusion
  2. What has surprised my manager most about what it really means to be an effective leader?
  3. Talk about where company is now.
  4. What my manager has changed or is trying to change in order to be a more effective leader.
  5. What advice does my manager have for someone in my position for my long and short term goals?
  6. What does he have to say about how I should interact with professionals?
  7. What have I learned about myself and my colleagues about what it takes to be an effective employee, a successful manager, and an exemplary citizen of society.


  1. What have I Learned working at this company?

1 What leadership precepts did I experience? How do these interact with theories?

  1. Cognitive Dissonance Theory Inconsistency between behavior and attitudes
  2. Machuavellianism May have beliefs that are less than ethical
  3. Attribution Theory Fundamental Attribution Error
  4. Generational Differences Trying New Things
  5. Negativity in the workplace Handling difficult situations
  6. Talk about two specific theories I took away from my experience and how they help me in my current role.
  7. How does my personality impact my performance and experience in the workplace?
  8. Most effective work environment for my personality type
  9. How does my understanding of effective motivation theories impact my conception of the best practices when it comes to making decisions and communicating at work?


  1. Final Thoughts
  2. What does it mean to me to be the best employee, student, family member, citizen you can be?
  3. What goals do I have at this point in my life that you can strive or continue to strive towards in the context of all these roles I play?
  4. What has the study of management taught me that will assist me in reaching these goals?





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