Syntactic Intuitions Exercise





Syntactic Intuitions Exercise

The grey kitten/ unrolled a ball of yarn.

The grey kitten- subject …unrolled a ball of yarn- predicate

The- determiner; Grey- adjective; kitten- noun; unrolled- verb; a- determiner; ball- noun; of- preposition; yarn- noun.

Lawrence/ seems annoyed with the decision.

Lawrence- subject…seems annoyed with the decision- predicate.

Lawrence- noun; seems- verb; annoyed- adjective; with- preposition; the- determiner; decision- noun.

There were/ seven ducklings in the pond.

There were- predicate… seven ducklings in the pond- subject

There- adverb; were- auxiliary verb; seven-adjective; ducklings- noun; in- preposition; the- determiner; pond- noun.