Strategies And Alternatives – Response To Classmates

Strategies And Alternatives – Response To Classmates






What I Learnt From My Classmates’ Postings

In both of the two postings made by William and Chase, there is a focus on the need for strong, authoritative and commanding leadership but that leadership still has to be benevolent. Every company should have at least one person who always rise to the occasion and takes the bull by the horns when it is vital to do so. Chase’s posting seems to place special emphasis on strong management skills and the importance of being accommodating when it comes to listening to other people’s ideas. The level of success of any company is heavily dependent on the individual as well as the collective efforts of its employees. It is also vital that each and every manager stays informed and up to date with the company’s statistics particularly its market share plus that of its competitors.

Environmental analysis is one way of helping company employees and managers make decisions by giving them the necessary information required to make those decisions. Internal and external environmental analyses form the background upon which important decisions in any organization are made. William’s and Chase’s postings provide a valuable insight into what exactly is needed for quick and relevant decision making and the need to conduct market research.

It is upon the research and development teams and departments of any organization to ensure that adequate and relevant information is available to managers at all times so that they can be able to apply what is learnt from the market research in the company’s strategies and decisions. I have learnt that market research gives all companies, whether large or small, an irreplaceable source of information that can be relied upon in times of need. I am glad to say that although they were brief, the two postings provided me with some of the most important information anyone interested in management has to know. They were as relevant as they were supposed to be.

Additional Questions.

The two postings seem to gravitate around the need for companies to invest in market research in order to acquire valuable information about their respective industries. What they do not mention however is the cost of the market research. Not every company is capable of conducting exhaustive examination and probing of the various markets they are engaged in. market research is an expensive venture and therefore the postings should have been able to reveal what other strategy smaller companies that cannot meet the costs of industry evaluation can use to achieve the same results as their hugely successful counterparts.

The other question concerns the culture of companies and the agree to disagree principle of resolving differences. When employees and managers frequently fail to reach agreements on even the tiniest of decisions, something is surely wrong with the company itself. The principle works in a majority of cases but I am of the opinion that people do not have to agree to disagree all the time. Sometimes decisions need to be made urgently and there is little time for agreeing to disagree. What companies need to do is to instill and develop a culture of responsibility among all its employees, so that none of them shirks when charged with the task of coming up with vital resolutions at critical times.


William says in his posting that there are many different approaches that an organization can take when trying to resolve differences. He goes ahead and mentions two of them, which are rule by an iron fist and rule by love. I think he should have included more approaches rather than just mentioning two out of the ‘many’. He also provides scanty information and explanation concerning the two approaches. I therefore feel that there is need to expound more on these two methods in addition to the others that have not been mentioned.