Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

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Statistical Analysis Question 1

Question 2

Based on the excel analysis results above, sales and clerk hours have a positive relationship. This means that sales increased with increased as clerks worked for more hours. However, since the scatter plots do not present information on the strength of the relationship, it is not possible to tell the strength of the relationship between sales and clerks’ working hours. It is reasonable to believe that Toys, Inc. sales and clerk working hours have a moderately positive association because the data points are evenly distributed.

Question 3

The management should create a robust compensation scheme for overtime and awards based on the success of every store in the entire region because some locations saw decreased sales amounts despite increased clerk working hours. This will ensure that each salesperson is aware that their basic salary is supplemented by an incentive. Such incentives would increase morale and foster healthy internal competition among the stores. The regional sales manager will ultimately strengthen the relationship between sales and clerks’ working hours by increasing sales volumes.