Statement of Work. Open Source Software

Statement of Work. Open Source Software

Statement of Work


Provide training to the users and the help desk to use Open Source Software. They currently are familiar with Microsoft Office Suite. The mandate should include

The contractor will ensure that a majority of staff can use the Open Source Software efficiently.

It is also the acceptance of the contractor to assist office staff to incorporate the migration from Microsoft to an Open Source Software.

Develop a curriculum for the training of users and the help desk staff.



4Phones companies are a fast growing company. It offers IT services to its customers and currently it ranks seventh relative to other IT companies in the region. Similar companies to 4phones in Australia include TeleChoice and Crazy John. The two organizations offer competition to the company. The agency intends to increase its ranking by providing better services to its clients. Currently, the company is considering migrating from Microsoft Office Suite to a cheaper and efficient Open Source Software relative to the former. This will reduce the cost of the IT department and increase the efficiency of the organization to its clients.


The migration will ensure that the company reduces its expenses while increasing its revenue base. This will cost finances to the agency at the early stages but will in the end increase the efficiency of the agency. The project will also establish a relatively large number of the workers start using and recognize the importance of an Open Source Software. Projections indicate that upon successful completion of the project will reduce the IT department spending by 55%.

Scope of work

The contractor will have the authority of providing employees with hands-on skills that will enable them to use the latest software in accordance to the requirements stipulated in this document. They will also have to ensure that there is a submission based on a period predetermined business information that will define the expenditures, status, problems, the status of the project during the stipulated time frame.

Performance Report

The contractor will have the responsibility of submitting a periodical performance bond that will define of the billings, finances, and all the issues arising from the training program. In the report, they will also include their hours of labor depending on the category of labor. Submission of the report will be one week after the expiry of the period stipulate by the supplier contract.

Project Management Plans

The contracting agency will also develop a project idea that they will submit to the IT department of 4Phones for approval. Project proposal submitted should contain cost and education proposals that will provide effective assessment, management, and tracking of the process. This document should also consider the entire process of educating the employees and define all the potential risks involved in the process.

Quality Assurance

4Phones and the contracting agency will co-ordinate the development of a quality assurance system and then work together to ensure its implementation. Both the 4Phones project team and the contracting agency will present the presentation of the draft of the policy to the IT department manager. Upon approval by the stakeholder of the project, in this case the Managing director of 4Phones Gary Hepworth, the document will become the modifier and will oversee all procedures of quality assurance to achieve a balance of the performance contract until any changes. The final certificate presentation will be a fortnight before the commencing of the project.

Terms of Supply Definition

Acceptance Method

4Phones IT manager David Blair is the person responsible for the entire process of inspecting and accepting any services or deliverables to the agency premises. Acceptance of the services offered by the contracting agency will have the status of the contractor having completed all the tasks. The tasks will be in accordance to the conditions stipulated by the contract signed between the contracting agency and 4Phones.

Processing Contracting Agency Payments

The agency awarded the contract will have the responsibility of in an appropriate means documenting and delivering the appropriate finance office all the invoices for payment. They will also be receiving the statement of income from 4Phones. The invoice procedures are also subject to the terms of agreement between the two parties. Any direct costs that not contained in the agreement between the two parties will require compensation from the contracting agency.

Review of Invoice

The IT department of 4Phones may upon proper review reject or request correction on a bill that has deficiencies. If the department through the manager rejects a bill, the IT department will have to tell the contracting agency in writing reasons that lead to the rejection of the invoice.

Delivery address

The contracting agency will forward all the deliverables intended for 4Phones Agency to the appropriate addresses of the agency. 4phones will not be responsible for deliverables sent using other addresses apart from the ones given by the agency.

Delivery Method

Electronics documents intended for 4Phones will in the early stages use the Microsoft Office suite. Upon completion of the migration, the agency will require all deliverables to use the Open Source Software that the agency will be using during that period.