State Of Economics In NJ 2009-2012

State Of Economics In NJ 2009-2012

State Of Economics In NJ 2009-2012


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IntroductionThis paper gives a presentation of a compared and contrasted data between job categories, finances, real estates and transportation from 2009 to 2012 in the state of economic in New Jersey. According to Neill, Shinske & Wichert (2012), they measure their jobs, finances, real estate and transportation annually using recent available data so that they are making sure they never holds the Christie lack of growth in all categories; however the data is presented to the New Jersey so that they can decide for themselves whether there is a comeback.

Jobs CategoryIn the jobs category, there are declines in the public-sector employment while an increase in the private-sector employment. This might be as a result of increase in the population and inflation within the states of New Jersey making private companies to start their own businesses so that they can hire the unemployed people, rather the state’s unemployment rate of New Jersey from 2010 to 2012 originally may have fell because of the new changes of the states that could have come up as a result of poor management and governing.

Real EstateIn the real estate sector there have been various changes that are observable between 2009 and the first quarter of the year 2012.the real estate sales are decreasing gradually from the data available. These sales are seen to undergo a downward trend when a comparison is made. The median home value is also going down when a comparison is made between the years. The citizens are reducing on buying of houses and this can be connected with the reducing valuation of the housing. The median housing values are decreasing and that is why the sales are going down since no one is willing to purchase this houses. This valuation is also decreasing as they are affected by factors such as affordability ratio and the price to let ratio. Housing still remains in excess supply since the household formation rates remain depressed. On the other hand the percentage of the mortgage loans in foreclosures continues to rise from 2009 to the present times (Tyrrell, 2012). This is because many of the borrowers are caught in a situation where they are unable to pay up the mortgages in time. This still narrows down to the employment state in NJ and the availability of finances.

FinancesThere is a decrease in state budget from 2009 to 2012 signifying that there has been proposed less spending in the fiscal year. Less spending signifies that, the state of New Jersey managed to adopt new methods of governing and management tactics which helped them to plan properly on how they can spend money which involves the outflow and the inflow within the company. The average property taxes have also continued increasing while the average property taxes after rebate causing an increase in the gross domestic product growth of the people in the states of New Jersey.

TransportationThe use of bridges and tunnels from NJ to NY is seen to be steady with no changes between these years. The use of Turnpike from Trenton to Newark is seen to have been constant up until 2012 when an increase was recorded. The use of parkway route from Bloomied to Belmar was also constant until an increase was recorded in 2012 .this so because there have been significant constructions and repairs in these routes that have now enabled more people to use them. The gas prices in NJ have been increasing at an almost same rate with the rest of the U.S between these years. This can be attributed to the higher crude oil prices due to the tensions observed in the Middle East and also the general state of economy worldwide


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