State how and when the recommended action should be implemented.

This is a Case Analysis paper. Follow the Template for the Case Analysis

Your case analysis should be in APA format, three to five pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font (Times New Roman), with one inch margins at the top, bottom, left, and right of each page. An abstract is not required. Points will be deducted for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. An template, which is in APA format, has been uploaded as well as scoring rubric and additional requirements.

The following steps should be helpful to you in preparing your case analysis:

1. Identify the relevant problem(s), stating assumptions if appropriate. The emphasis at this stage is on getting an overview of the issues involved. Students often get bogged down in recounting details, many of which may be irrelevant, rather than identifying the issues.

2. Identify or select the most important problem(s). For example, “The problem in this case is a poor fit between the organization and its environment”. It is important that you are identifying the real problem and not just one or more symptoms.

3. Analyze the problem and its causes in terms of the theories and concepts discussed in the text and in class.

4. Identify and weigh alternative actions to “solve” or “improve” the situation.

5. Select the best alternative and explain why you chose it.

6. State how and when the recommended action should be implemented.

Your written analysis should be formatted into three major sections as follows:

• Statement of the Problem – In this opening section, you should clearly and succinctly state the issue or issue you believe needs to be addressed or solved. This section should be a few sentences or a paragraph at most.
• Analysis and Evaluation – This is the most difficult part of the assignment because analysis is hard work. You should offer analysis and evidence (hard facts) to back up your conclusions. Try to inject balance into your analysis and to avoid emotional rhetoric. Since your papers should be written in third person, you should avoid phrases such as “I think,” “I feel,” and “I believe”. This section should include discussion of two or, at most, three alternative methods of addressing the issue.
• Recommendation – In this section, you will select what you consider to be the best alternative, discuss why you believe it to be so, as well as how and when it should be implemented.

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