Sports Related Concussions

Sports Related Concussions

Mireya Ibanez

March 28, 2021

ENGL 102

Mr. Delgado

Sports Related Concussions


Concussions are a common injury to obtain during sports, and ongoing research shows promising improvement to the prevention and rehabilitation with new laws, guidelines, and protocols.


Schools should heed concerns over sports’ brain injuries


CTE disease with NFL data

CDC data- National High School Sports reports and statistics (ex. 2005 to 2013)

Laws: Zachary Law and Max Law info.

The statutory requirement (4)

Case 1 and Case 2 and High School sport examples

Why Is It So Hard to Stop Sports Concussions? Model Stimulation =egg, shell=skull, yolk=brain

HITS program data information with #

2 indexes for concussions: Gadd Severity Index and Head Injury Criteria

Biomedical Engineering with woodpecker examples

Behavior with Biomechanical: helmets, padding,

Woodpecker simulation and comparison and neck support theory

It’s Not All Fun and Games: Sports, Concussions, and Neuroscience


New technology and clinical trials

4 targeted areas for guidelines

Lystedt law and order of handling

Post management and treatment

Physical skills analysis


I am going to be using a website to efficiently and effectively present my research and topic. The website I will be using is called Adobe spark. I used this website in a previous course, which had a wonderful outcome for my final. I am using this website because its organization is all my choice. The website presents everything in an organized, informational, and accessible way. The website was free when I used it last time and very easy to use. I believe it will be a perfect way to show everything I need it to.