Spiritual Development essay

Spiritual Development essay





Spiritual Development essay 

Spiritual development is of great importance for all Christians. From the point that one converts to Christianity or embraces Christianity fully, should be able to grow in faith and spirit. This gives the convert to ability to stay on course and fight any temptation against his faith and convictions. Spiritual development is always at the heart of District Council Ministries. Spiritual development can be achieved through various approaches. These include worship, Bible study, prayer, interaction with others, reflection, and full participation in missions.

Spiritual growth is realized when ones relationship with God deepens. The deepening of this relationship can be achieved through prayer. Prayer is an element in God’s world transformation plan. As Christians continue to lead a life of prayer, they keep a divine partnership with Christ.

Bible study and worship breeds discipleship. Discipleship can be defined as a joint venture between God and the Christians who respond to his call. Studying the bible and worshiping are the only approach to grow ones skills and fulfill ones calling.

Interactions with one another can provide a viable environment for proper worship and bible study forums. This can be achieved in small or life-to-life groups known as Quads or Triads. The members of these groups meet to study the bible, pray together, and encourage one another. They are a way of collective spiritual growth.

Reflection too is an important component of spiritual growth. Reflection serves as a form of meditation through which Christians search within themselves, find what is lacking and ask God for it. Reflection is an important component for prayers and bible study. Through reflection Christians can understand their spiritual needs as well as understand and interpret the scriptures.

Participation in mission provides young Christians an opportunity to practice all of the above spiritual growth initiatives. In mission prayers, worship, bible study, interactions and reflection are important and are frequently partaken by the participants.

In conclusion, spiritual growth is a process that involves other activities. The building activities are closely linked and depend on each other to provide young Methodists an opportunity and environment for spiritual growth. The activities include worship, Bible study, prayer, interaction with others, reflection, and full participation in missions.