Sometimes we really want something too much

Sometimes we really want something too much


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Sometimes we really want something too much, but we eventually end up getting the wrong things in life. There are various individuals in history, and to whose, their stories have been narrated to us by people who wanted something and did everything they could to obtain it but ended up getting the wrong choice. It is therefore not a new thing to find people having a desire to accomplish things of their choice only to get disappointed at the later stages by getting a substandard thing comparing to what they wanted.

In the bible, there is a story of a man by the name Jacob who was in love with Rachael as a daughter to Laban. Laban had two daughters Leah and Rachael, and the oldest was Leah. It was such that the second daughter according to their tradition could not be married before the first and older daughter and therefore Leah was to get married before Rachael. Jacob fell in love with Rachael and went to the father of the girl Laban to negotiate for dowry. Since Jacob had no material possession to offer as dowry, he was asked to work at Laban’s grounds for seven years so that he could marry Rachael. Since Jacob was in love with Rachael, he agreed to work for seven years to later marry his wife to be Rachael.

Jacob was ready to do everything as requested by Laban and that’s why he agreed to labor for him. In the end, the tremendous disappointed came to happen after completion of the seven years of work. In mind, Jacob had completed the full payment of the dowry and thus was waiting for the due day to be given his wife, Rachael. Unfortunately, during the day to which the bride was being offered, some conditions were set. One of the conditions that the bride could be delivered at night in darkness and the second was that Jacob had to be blindfolded when the girl was entering the room. Little did Jacob knew that he was being played tricks and that what he expected was not what was being delivered and thus he did not worry about anything as he had trust in the promise made. After the long night, the unexpected happened, and Jacob woke up to the realization that he had been made to marry Leah to whom he had no intentions of marrying.

Jacob did not have any affection for Leah, and therefore he had to go and ask Laban what had happened. In return, he was made aware that the Rachael could not be married before Leah could be married and so in case he wanted to marry Rachael, and he had to work again for another seven years. Jacob decided to work for the extra seven years so that he could finally marry the love of his heart. After working for fourteen years in Laban’s home, he managed to marry both Leah and Rachael. Jacob had to pay a huge price to get what he wanted. From the story, we can say that with little or hard work it is possible to let the things you are fighting for go and therefore we should be determined to fight for our rightful ownership. Jacob had no powers neither could he be able to revert the traditions that any girl from the society could be married at any time without following the order of birth. With no power to change his situation, he was eventually made to marry Leah the first daughter of Laban to whom he never wanted and was compelled to work again to marry the right person. Perseverance and hard work are therefore one of the critical things that we need to possess so that we can attain and achieve our goals.