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Figure out how you will integrate the software from three different automobile manufacturers into a coherent system.

This work needs a lot of skills which will only be acquired from experts. However, when designing the software, I will do a good work in line with the demands of my clients. Initially, I will work in line with the organization’s goals. The management will inform me on their requirements it needs me to follow while developing the software. In order to be in a position of integrating software from three different automobile manufactures, I will come up with a feasible scope document suitable for the design architecture to be used. The architecture generated will address all the requirements put by the client together with considerations for future development.

The program code is then planned in line with software from all the manufactures. In this regard, I will generate appropriate and accurate software which will be fully tested and implemented in the organization. If this procedure is strictly followed, the software produced will be efficient and functional. Meaning, it will meet the requirements of the client in coordinating the operations of to be done in its dealership business.

If this work is done perfectly, it will make the client be contented with it. Thus, the feedback got from him will be used t gauge its success. However, while doing all these, it is recommended that a room should be created for any future development which may be necessitated by any change. However, the client must be acquainted with all this information through training.

How many employees you will have? How you will hire them?

As a Chief Information Officer attached to this organization, I will ensure that I excel in my duties. For me to succeed, I will have to employee professionals to help me execute such duties. The most appropriate number of workers to recruit will be 15. This is a large organization with a complex hierarchical structure which needs this number of people to help in designing and maintaining the dealership software.

The sensitivity of this work requires the use of trained soft ware engineers. So, when carrying out the recruitment process, I will involve a panel of experienced staff to conduct a rigorous interview and select the most qualified applicants. In order to ensure that the recruitment process is conducted in a transparent manner, I will advise the panel to formally advertise the vacancies in print, broadcast and online media. Then the potential applicants will be given enough time to present their applications before short listing the best ones.

The most important qualities to consider will be academic, professional and personal attributes. However, we will insist on training, experience, competence, passion, focus, curiosity, discipline, team work, flexibility, determination, industry, time consciousness, team work, flexibility, problem solving and communication skills. This means that a person selected for this job should possess admirable computer programming skills and be committed to the profession. Soft ware development can only be done by an interested person. At the same time, having experience in the same job will assist in ascertaining the abilities of the applicant.

Last but not least, the possession of the above attributes will help to ease the work of all the employees in this department. For instance, a cooperative employee will help in promoting stability and team work in the organization. This is an important trait in promoting harmony amongst employees. If workers cordially relate and communicate with one another, they will not engage in any form of conflict, but spend their time in performing their tasks.

How will you train all company employees to use the system?

The software developed will be used by all employees from the administrative, finance, service, parts and sales departments. All of these departments will be served by the software network because they are directly concerned with the dealership operations of this organization. However, not all these people are knowledgeable on this technology. Each of them is specialized in their areas of operation in which they are attached in this company.

As the Chief Information Officer, I will consider it my responsibility to offer trainings to them. First, I will liaise with reputable training institutions offer short courses to them. These will be Information Technology courses conducted within the shortest span of time possible. On completion, they will be awarded respective certificates in line with the CICSO Network Academy. In other words, they will receive internationally recognized qualifications which can enable them to understand and operate different software systems.

At the same time, I can organize for seminars, work shops and induction services for these employees. During such times, they will be lectured by professional software engineers. During such functions, the employees will get time to learn about this technology and ask any question. Similarly, they can use this opportunity to air their views on what they would like to be done as far as automobile software dealership is concerned. If this is done, then all the workers will be exposed to this technology and use it without any problem.

Alternatively, I may decide to pick a few representatives from each department to give advanced training on this technology. Under this program, the selected workers will be offered all the five levels of CISCO certification including the Entry CCENT; Associate CCDA; Professional CCDP; Expert CCDE and the architect qualifications. This will enlighten them on the design, routing, switching, service provider, network security, voice, and wireless and storage skills. The training of these representatives will enable them to offer such skills to the members of their respective departments.

How you will provide on-site support for the dealership?

The development of software for this automobile firm will greatly depend on the competency of the engineering team. Because it will begin from scratch, it will essential that all the operations be done following the right procedure recommended by the major software developing companies.

The provision of the on site support should be continuously provided right from the preplanning to the maintenance stages. The software element and domain analysis should be vigorously done in order to ascertain any requirement essential for the successful development of the software. Such analysis should be keenly done in order to ensure that the client is equipped with the right data. Since it is only the software engineers who know much about such elements, they should provide the client with the most accurate data in order to allocate funds for their purchase.

On site support should also be given during the implementation stages of development. Here, the engineer will be mainly concerned with the development, testing and maintenance of the software. This is a very sensitive section which requires enough time to be effectively executed. Maintenance is essential because of the constantly changing client demands which need to be promptly addressed. When doing this, the engineers can also offer trainings on the company employees to equip them with information which can help them manage the system without unnecessarily relying on the support of external experts.

If the engineers dedicate their time to provide on site support to the clients, the project will be a success. Meaning, it will be efficient, usable, functional and dynamic. Thus, it will be suitable for use in the dealership business of this company and adapt to any change which may be experienced in the course of business operations.