Sociology questions

Sociology questions





Question One

An urban life should be of a high quality and meaningful. This means that it should provide a conducive atmosphere for all the inhabitants. There should be equal treatment of all the people there. The government should be concerned about the welfare of all the people and give them equal treatment without any discrimination. Besides, there should be security and justice to all the people. Everyone should be provided with the essential commodities such as security, water and electricity.

At the same time, everyone should get a chance to empower themselves through education. There should be a harmony and peaceful coexisting amongst all the people. This can only be achieved if everyone is united. There should not be any form of social segregation because it will be a recipe to discrimination and conflict. Hence, if everyone receives equal treatment without being discriminated upon, the quality of life of all the people will definitely improve. This is a typical ideal society.

Question Two



This is togetherness which everyone is supposed to uphold.


This means fair treatment to all the people regardless of there social position.


Quality leadership is essential for a quality of life for the people.


If there is harmony, people will prosper.


Security will provide confidence to the people to trust one another.

The most important factor here is unity. It can be better if people act in a united manner when fighting all forms of evils in their midst. However, as far as am concerned, there is any organization fighting unity in this community. Therefore, I believe a lot have to be done in order to bring these people together as a team. In this regard, I can form a social movement to help in changing the people to enhance quality life in any urban centre. However, when measuring such a variable, I would depend on interview and documentary analysis so as to get the ost up dated information. This will keep me at per with all the people and bring them together.