Sociology 1W

Sociology 1W

Sociology 1W

Introduction to Sociology

Movie Analysis

Assignment: Write a 6 page, typed, double-spaced analysis of a feature-length film of your choice (NOT A DOCUMENTARY), applying course concepts to the movie.

Structure: The first 1-1/2 pages should be a summary of the movie The next 3- 3 ½ pages should be analysis, where you apply course concepts to the movie. Finally, write a concluding paragraph that brings the concepts together.

Concepts: Here are some suggestions:

1. Choose three concepts: You can do it with one or two, but adequately applying three themes of the course will increase your likelihood of a good paper and score.

2. Refer to both lectures and readings.

3. Choose the most applicable concepts: Some movies have obvious course concepts should be included. For example, crime dramas should include a theory of deviance.

4. Choose difficult concepts: Some course concepts are harder than others. For example, Marx’s theory on alienated labor is a lot harder than the deterrence theory of crime. I would rather your try something difficult and come up a little short than to nail something relatively easy.

5. Be concise: The more analysis you can put in the page limit, the better.

6. Show that you understand the sociological concepts COMPLETELY: For example, don’t just say “the main character is adapting to anomie-strain by innovation.” Explain anomie-strain theory, define all the modes of adaptation, and then show how the character is adapting through innovation.

7. DO NOT WRITE A SIX-PAGE SUMMARY OF THE MOVIE; To be honest, I’m not really interested in the movie, I am interested in the sociology you learned.

8. Cite Sources. You cannot get an A without citing sources.

This paper is due in Canvas on Friday, August 2nd, at 11:59pm, and is worth 20% of your grade. If you are dissatisfied with your score, you may rewrite your paper up until the last class meeting (see syllabus). However, LATE PAPERS LOSE THE REWRITE OPTION AND WILL BE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD. Good Luck!