Sociological factors that have influenced my life





Social Factors that have influenced my approach against racism and ethnicity

I have to agree that the subject of race and ethnicity has influenced various hemispheres of my education, and the recent subject had directed me on the importance of contemporary cosmopolitanism against traditional approaches; for instance, multiculturalism in my school. In this regard, socialism with friends from different ethnic background has enabled me to develop a broad approach of cosmopolitanism. This biography will prove that cosmopolitanism orientation has been important in changing my opinion against various races.

Primarily, cosmopolitanism has advocated that small culture been merged to a given contemporary culture one driven by global factors; for instance, technology. This approach has educated me on the importance of moral relativism when treating other cultures, and in this regard, I consider myself as an American and not as a European American. I came from the X-generation and this means that my culture is heavily related to technology and thus, European influence has minimal attention. Consequently, I do consider myself a student who lacks the proper definition of a given culture. For instance, my reading techniques are largely based on the internet rather than the traditionally published books. The good thing in this approach is that journals are updated regularly and are easily accessible. I adopted this reading culture from my Indian friend who store books on his Smartphone.

Finally, I consider myself a civilized individual, one who beats odds of American ethnicity and racism. The nature of co-generative dialogues between me and students of different ethnic backgrounds within in-school and out-of-school fields has allowed me develop a culture of indifference between me and the rest of the community. Now I stand a better position to incorporate the school structure by targeting cosmopolitanism based rituals. Therefore in encapsulation, my cosmopolitanism approach towards ethnicity has enabled me to move beyond fundamental interaction in the classroom and as a result, I have learned to transact within senior members of the society without considering the aspect related to culture.

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