Social media and fashion bloggers

Social media and fashion bloggers

Social media and fashion bloggers




Social media marketing is the process of promoting a product or a service by use of the website traffic or social sites. The social sites include MySpace, facebook, and twitter. The marketer strives to seek attention of the online users to the product. The fashion bloggers involve in marketing of their products. The blogger is also an online marketer. Fashion blog considers accessories, trending clothes, and celebrity designer products. Most fashion blogs are also shopping blogs where customers can make an order for a product of his choice and make payment online. The steady increase in fashion bloggers has affected the advertisement for fashion products. In the same magnitude, the social media marketing has revolutionized the advertisement and marketing industry. This paper focuses on the development and growth of fashion blogger and social marketing.

Social Media and Fashion Bloggers

Over the past five years, the statistics of businesses that use the social media to advertise their products has increased. Today, out every ten-business units, eight are using social media marketing strategy. The commonly used social media are twitter, facebook, Google plus and MySpace. Most companies and firms prefer these social media sites since there are many people who spend most of their time there (Zarrella, 2010). Therefore, promoting a product through these sites enhances the ability of the product to reach a wider market segment. In addition, the fashion blogger has also risen in the recent years. The bogging trend has been on the rise, currently, out of five firms, three have their fashion promotion going on different blogging sites.

The use of social media is fast growing in different parts of the world. Although this has not kicked off well, all factors indicate that this is the way to go. Benefits accrue to businesses that engage social media in their marketing strategy. Social media help the management to stay in the know of trends in the industry (Zarrella, 2010). Alternatively for a firm to stay at par with the ever-changing business environment is to be in touch with the social media. In addition, it helps the firm to network with professionals outside their company (Zarrella, 2010). It enhances the company’s collaboration with its peers. It compares its operations with the other competing firms. Consequently, it is true in the case of fashion blogger. The social media and the fashion blog are methods of adverting that targets the market segment that is ever on the social sites.

Besides, the social media marketing it is critical to the organization. For marketing, a product, one must consider the various factors that determine the consumption pattern of the particular product. Firms make use of the social media to cut down the cost of advertisement. The form of printing billboards, television, and, radio is expensive. These processes are expensive to use. The fashion blogger also in the same capacity tries to ensure that most people read the blog (Zarrella, 2010). To achieve this, the fashion blogger ought to design the blog perfectly before posting it to viewers. Fashion blogging is vital the same way social media marketing.

In conclusion, it is evident that the world is fast changing. The technological factor’s pace is fast, from the statistics, out of ten companies, eight of them have migrated to the social media, and, migrated too to fashion blogging. Although there are challenges that these two faces, it is worth noting that social media marketing is doing it for the various organization. Therefore, the use of social media and fashion blogger is vital to most companies and the companies that do not have that ought to arrange and migrate.


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