Small Business and the Internet





Small Business and the Internet

The internet has no doubt revolutionized ways of doing business all over the world. Small businesses have significantly benefitted from this as well. If I were running a small business with products that can be sold globally, I would take advantage of the internet in many ways. First, I would utilize social media platforms. Today, millions of people from all over the world are found on several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Reddit, among many others. These platforms provide a cheap and at times free mode of advertising to customers from all parts of the world. I would create pages and profiles on these platforms detailing my products, price, and methods of payment and shipping. Customers and other interested people would be able to look through these pages and express their interest. Communication is made more accessible by chatting on these platforms can be very easy because it is available to all people regardless of where they are.

The second way that I would use the internet in the sale of my product on a global scale is to use sponsored adverts on several websites. Sponsored ads enable products sold by a company to be recommended to people searching for such products, and the products can also be advertised to many people on the websites. The advantage of using sponsored ads is that it creates awareness of my products and will bring in more customers. The ads are not expensive, and the little cost will be offset by the increased profit margins from many customers. The two examples of using social media and sponsored ads show how important the internet can be in opening up trade and business on a global scale. Small businesses such take advantage of the internet to attract customers and make more profits.