Slice of life



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“Slice of life”

This short story represents a good example of funny and hilarious process essays. Every single step of carving turkey is explained. There is a professional and meticulous way in which Baker describes all the best positions a turkey should be put in order to achieve better results during carving. Russell makes a lot of fun while describing the tools to be used in his proposed processes (Scarry & Scarry 642-643). I believe this story is very unique especially to those people who do not know the artistry involved in carving a turkey.

The author may be assumed as lazy because he does not like carving turkey. Although he craves for turkey, he is only comfortable watching football rather than carving turkey. When he finds an excuse that the curve knife is not sharp enough to curve the turkey, he goes ahead to borrow from neighbors. After lazy stroll, he comes back only to find that the turkey is ready to be eaten. The author obviously do not love taking time with his family and does not even see the need of helping the family out with some jobs. He better watch football than carving turkey which is meant to be eaten by his family including himself (Blau et al. 148-153)

I tend to believe that the author is a very angry and hot tempered individual who is also more aggressive with little patient. He does not concern himself with what people would think about him or about his acts. He funnily proposes the use of axe instead of a carving knife and further says that turkey should be put on a concrete wall to easily brake off the legs. This I think is unacceptable way of dealing with food (Scarry & Scarry 642-643). This short story reveals a lot about what happens to many people who do not love enjoying time with their families.

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