Situational Reaction

Situational Reaction

Situational Reaction


This essay gives description on how one would respond to different scenario situations that require element of thought for proper judgement. It goes further to recommend on the use of intellectual standards and correct reasoning for critical thinking. The essay also gives the description of different scenario situations where reasoning is applied and the response specified on each case.


Situational reactions are the immediate responses that a person makes in dilemma situations. Sound decisions in these kinds of situations can be reached by reasoning that is of intelligence.

Elements of reasoning are the important dimensions that every human being has to embrace for one to upgrade their thinking capacity. They include thinking by purpose, thinking to figure out something or solve problematic situations. thinking that is assumption based, thinking done from a point of view, thinking that is centred on data, info or evidence and thinking that is articulated and shaped by concepts and thoughts.

Intellectual standards are the features that define the value of good reasoning. They are clarity, breadth, accuracy, logic, relevance, depth, fairness, significance, precision and accuracy, (Paul & Elder, 2010).


Scenario A

In scenario A situation, I would go by the order of the commander. The reason is because the government of the foreign country would get us as captives if found guilty of the killings as this would be the best way for vengeance. The friendly ties would be broken causing hatred that would someday cause disputes or upheavals between the two nations.

It is unethical to lie but to uphold the good international relations that led to the deployment, disguise is important. The reasoning in this case is by purpose. The usefulness of making the situation look like the innocent people were the ones who fired first is to help reduce suspicion and uphold professionalism in the job.

Scenario B

I would advise my partner not to take the marijuana as a medicine for his wife. The reason is because, if my wife’s partner does not get improve after its usage, she would be forced to seek medical attention from health providing institutions. If found out to be under the influence of bhang, she would have cases to answer. She would provide information of who the supplier was, where she bought it and how it got to her house. This would involve her husband who if found guilty would lose his job and serve a jail term in prison.

The response is from a point of view where the advantages of using marijuana are weighed with the disadvantages. The bhang would cause more harm to the family than benefits. This is because my partner has unsupported evidence of using marijuana for medicinal purpose. From the law bhang is a prohibited drug and imprisonment is inevitable if one is found in possession or under its influence.

Scenario C

I would assist my child in their assignment. I would not allow for a copy pasted work but I would teach the kid how to do it using my work as the template. This is because the child would not miss that level and it would be an added advantage having learnt early. To me as a parent the four year scholarship would save the huge amount of fees that I would otherwise take care of.

A single assignment would not corrupt the mind and using the art of teaching I would instil knowledge and expertise in the child. This response is based on logical thinking which falls under the universal intellectual standards that are relevant in most situations. The element of assumption is also applicable where the parent assumes that the decision they are making is of benefit and would cause less harm to the kid.


Situational reactions are circumstances when critical thinking is required. Achieving quality reasoning requires incorporation of elements of thinking together with intellectual standard. Responses at different situations need critical thinkers to cover up events that would lead to future difficulties if decided wrongly.

Shoddy rational is costly and determines the quality of our thinking. Our minds alone lead to distorted judgement in situational reactions. For quality response in these circumstances a well-developed mind is what every person requires, (Critical thinking, 2013).


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