simulation of JVA corporation





The second strategy would suit the simulation of JVA Corporation. The strategy includes reviewing the employees’ performance after every six months. Reviewing the performance of the employees will show if their level of productivity has increased or decreased. This follows that the salaries or wages of the employee will also change after the review based on the performance level. This strategy suits best since the company is boosting the productivity level of its employees and in turn making more profits and at the same time it is taking care of its employees by giving them the some extra allowances on extra commitment (Bizmanualz 2008).

The strategy covers duration of three years until the company has been able to achieve its goals and has become a leading corporation in the market. Reviewing the performance of the employees will continue taking place but there will be stability of their salaries and best performances may be rewarded in other forms like promotions. Appraisal of the employees will be of a specified process. For uniformity purposes all the employees including the international employees will be subjected to the appraisal process. There is to be a basic salary awarded to each employee which earns a commission as per the quantified level of performance. The employees turn out will be accounted for. For each day the employee does not report to work for whatever cause will be counted as one point less. This will reduce cases of lame excuses from work and increase the time each employee works for the company. Each employee is to be given a certain quantity of work with a specific deadline to be met. Each time the employee doesn’t meet the deadline, a point less is calculated on his performance. If there will be employees submitting their work before the deadline one point more will be awarded for each time work is submitted before the deadline. This will see to it that employees commit themselves to their work so as to meet the deadlines and earn points. Lateness will amount to one point less each time the employee arrives late at work for any cause whether justifiable or not. Time is very essential and this way the employees will learn to keep time. The total number of points earned by the employee after the period of six months is then converted into percentages and the performance level is then determined. The salaries of the employees for the next six months are determined by the performance. After a period of another six months the performances is reviewed and so are the salaries. The cycle repeats itself until the corporation achieves its goals.

The rewards are to be classified in relation to the percentage achieved. Those that are earning below 50 percent on performance are to receive only their basic salaries. Those employees whose performance range between 50 percent and 60 percent will receive a 5 percent commission calculated on their basic salaries. For those whose performance ranges between 60 percent and 80 percent will receive a commission of 10 percent on their basic salaries and finally those whose performance level ranges between 80 to 100 percent will receive a 15 percent commission on their basic salaries.

Competent employees for a proper management system to foresee the appraisal process will be hired. The management system will receive proper training so that it will be equipped with the necessary skills for the process. The human resource department will run a compensation program which lasts for six months with the employees receiving a regular salary for that period until the six months elapse and the performance and the salaries are reviewed.

This compensation program based on the performance of the employees is supposed to improve general skills of the manpower by improving their level of diligence and thus productivity. The commissions are also meant to be incentives to the employees and thus improve the employer employee relationship which is always very important in any corporation (Bizmanualz 2008). The employees will have a source of extra income and thus the corporation while taking care of its interest will also have the interest of the employees in mind. The employees rather than focusing on rebellion and wasting time grumbling will focus on working harder to improve their performance so they can earn the extra coin. The hard work of all the employees will definitely turn out to give the company more output in terms of production and thus increased profits.


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