Should homosexual marriage be legal?

Here is the Position essay outline about “homosexual marriage” I have done, its very roughly and not good, so you can edit it or change some ideas or “ALL” if you want.

1). What is the issue and what is your conclusion (thesis)?

Should homosexual marriage be legal?

Homosexual marriage should be legal because everyone has a right to be treated in the same way in the same society.

2). List at least four reasons that you will offer as support for your conclusion.

1. Contradicting some peoples rights to marry is unfair and discriminatory, also it will cause a second class of the people (citizens).

2. According to the Constitution, homosexual marriage is protected by a belief which are “ liberty and equality”.

3. Many studies shows that the homosexual parents are good parents.

4. Marriage is connected to mental health and economic benefits, and the banning of homosexual marriage will decrease these benefits.

5. (Please add one more reasons to support the conclusion)

3). List one or more counterarguments that you will address.

1. Gay marriage injuries the institution of “traditional” marriage.

2. The same-sex couples cant have children.

3. ( Please add one more counterargument)

4). How will you address the counterarguments you have listed?

You do not need to include any of your research or evidence in this post; just give us the basic outline of your argument.

1. “Gay marriage injuries the institution of “traditional marriage”. The right of same-sex couples to get married doesnt make any changes or bad influences to heterosexual marriages in any ways.

2. “The same-sex couples cant have children.” People are not getting marry because they want children. What about if heterosexual couples do not want children? So they do not have a right to marry as homosexual couple?

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