Should college athletes be paid

Should college athletes be paid

Should college athletes be paid?


College is the most fun time of life, where most athletes making their future and know in which field they should go(Dayton, 2013). College life offers many kinds of chances to grow and provides competitive sport as the opportunity to grow as professionals. College’s offer many kinds of services to the athletes but it’s still going on and many associations are formed regarding them. The NCAA basket ball tournament offers annual revenue to their athletes. College’s also giving annual revenue to only to basket ball players whereas players of other sports activities don’t receive annual revenue. The committee tries to give them various services like free education; money making polices etc which according to me is not enough. Athletes put lot of their effort and stamina in their sports so it’s the duty of associations to pay them good so that they are more motivated to give their best towards college and other tournaments. If the associations don’t think it’s right to pay them than they should not stop the players also from entering the professional games as well where they are paid very good and according to their capabilities’. Athletes work towards building the prestige of the college so its necessary that they should be paid (Dirlam, 2013).


College athletes are one of the hardest working persons around as they have to go through intense games, competitions, high degree practices etc. these players have tremendous amount of weight on their shoulders(Dayton, 2013). The compensation for athletes has been a very delicate topic since years. College athletes should obvious be paid for their jobs as this is their profession and these athletes like other human beings have responsibilities to look after them and many colleges earn good amount of money from them. The associations should understand that education is not money, a scholarship given to a student has significant value but t still cannot be exchanged for money as well. Education is just a nebulous form of payment. The market value of any athlete should be determined how much does an individuals and how much sessions he wins as well. Fixing a proper salary cap for them is necessary so that they don’t feel de motivate towards their work and doesn’t enter into activities like sports fixings etc. when athletes are not paid enough they work for other teams illegal which is an overall harm for the colleges only(Dirlam, 2013).


Jamar Samuels was a great college athlete but was not allowed to play in tournaments that CBS and Turner paid because he had received and amount of $200 to feed his family so where everyone was paid in cash , he was not given anything. According to me he should have been equally given the amount because he also prepared well for the game. Let us discuss universities are paying them and how it is not enough by the following chart:-

This chart shows how the colleges are making money by their athletes and in the recent years of support activities. The data composed by USA Today shows the income generated by the athletic programs at the institution of higher education of Texas, sports. Over just the last seven years, revenues have increased 82.1% at Texas, while the cost of the scholarship has risen just 62.7%. And from 2011 to 2012 alone, revenues rose 8.6% while scholarship costs rose just 4.4%.In addition, 6.4% of revenue went to pay for scholarships in 2005. In 2012 it was just 5.7%. In other words, the athletes are actually receiving less of the pie every year.


Many people think that college athletes should not be paid as the associations think that signing bonuses, multiyear salaries etc is a very bog work etc. Some people think it send a bad message to the school students as the other students who are actively another activities think that colleges are only paying for these kinds of activities and not other activities. All the people should be paid according to their own qualification and their own talent (whitlock, 2013). It’s necessary that associations make contracts with the athletes so that they are paid yearly. The difference between a salary of a athlete and fair market value is a fund which should be redeemed upon completion of the contract. When their fours years are completed the players should have an option When their four years as an athlete are over, collegiate players would have the option of rotating fully pro, taking benefit of their certain admittance to their school or captivating their fair-market recompense out into the earth as an adult.


Thus I would like to conclude by saying that athletes obviously should be paid as they put their soul, heart in their profession. Like all profession has values and respect this profession should also be treated equally. These college athletes are the one who after some years go on becoming great sports personalities in their fields. These players are the ones who turn the college name and just paying them by scholarship is not a very game. The associations working for it should take positive step towards developing strategies so that they get fair compensation and don’t feel disheartened.



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