Short term goal

Short term goal

Short term goal

My short term goal is get employed in K-force, as a human resource manager.

Action Plan

To do the action plan, I will follow the below mentioned steps:

Stage 1: Identification of Existing Skills and Knowledge Identification

In this stage first write down, in a bullet point list, the knowledge and skills which an individual / you consider to be important for your current work.

Stage 2 – Identification of future Skills and Knowledge

In this stage the knowledge and skills that are essential for future career are identifies. It generally includes fifteen to twenty bullet points.

Stage 3 – Rating Your Ability

In this stage the rating is given to current ability, considering how strong or weak your ability is. Generally a five pointer scale is used for the same.

Stage 4 – Review Your Ability Ratings

This stage involves the feedback which is done by the friend, supervisor or tutor who analyses and reviews the rating that was mentioned at the third stage.

Stage 5 – Your Future Development

This is the final stage when an individual thinks to improve on its skills. With the provided information an individual need to work on and develop the knowledge on the skills in which he achieves low score.

Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my current voluntary activity Your Ability Rating (1-5) or strong / weak / somewhere in between

Communication Skill: (Reading)

Communication Skill: (writing)

Team work


Problem Solving


Self management and development

Managing tasks


Mathematical Skills

Time management

Communicating clearly and effectively

Ability to apply initiatives

Knowledge of computers


Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my future career Your Ability Rating (1-5) or strong / weak / somewhere in between

Strong decision making

Proper organization

Information technology skills

Interpersonal Skill

Relating to others


I need to work on few of my skills so as to achieve the organizational and personal goals and objectives. I need to work on my problem solving skill, decision making skill, time management and knowledge of computers.

Time management: I need to work on my time management skill as I tend to be late for my work, low productivity and motivation. To manage the time properly, I should follow ‘Five Time zone concept” which includes setting up visions and goals as what is more important to; establishing the plan to implement the vision; personal organisation system which involves organization of work; commitment for the work; energy. So I need to work on managing my time which will help in increasing my efficiency and output as well. To adapt this skill fully, it going to take time of 4 to 6 months approximately.Problem solving: I need to be more analytical and calculative so that I am able to solve the problems correctly. I should focus on analysing the problem carefully so that the problem is solved correctly.

Bachelor’s degree career possibility

For the bachelor’s degree career, we can say that the individual can get the human resource associate profile, as the practical application and implication of human resource associate with the salary of $47.68 per hour.

Roles and responsibilities:

Consult with employers to identify employment needs and preferred qualifications

Interview applicants about their experience, education, training, and skills

Contact references and perform background checks on job applicants

Inform applicants about job details, such as duties, benefits, and working conditions

Hire or refer qualified candidates for employers

Conduct or help with new employee orientation

Keep employment records and process paperwork

Roles and Responsibilities at Master level

Plan and coordinate an organization’s workforce to best use employees’ talents

Link an organization’s management with its employees by handling questions, administering employee services, and resolving work-related problems

Advise managers on organizational policies, such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment

Coordinate and supervise the work of specialists and support staff

Oversee an organization’s recruitment, interview, selection, and hiring processes

Handle staffing issues, such as mediating disputes, firing employees, and directing disciplinary procedures


Communication Skills: It is very important for a manager or leader to possess. They need to have strong communication skills so as to facilitate different information through different levels of the organization. To have strong communicator one need to be a good listener and believe in whatever he communicates. One should be clear in what he is communicating to the other person.

Leadership skills: For improving leadership skills and qualities of a person, it is very important to have self confidence, empathy, a strong focus or goal in life. The person also needs to have a strong ability to lead other and motivate them to perform better.

Problem solving: to become a good problem solver, a person needs to be creative and innovative in every work he does, he must work on developing practical solutions so as to facilitate proper problem solving, Different strategies and methods must be used to solve problems pertaining to different areas.

Time Management: One should always spend the time fruitfully as time is never going to come back. Time management is done through setting priorities. Priorities are done through several techniques such as ABC analysis, Pareto analysis, POSEC method which is prioritizing by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing. Through these techniques one can utilize its time efficiently and effectively.