Short Fiction The Tell-Tale Heart





Short Fiction: The Tell-Tale Heart


This part will include the tile of the work, the specifics of the author including their achievements.

This part will present a short summary of the story, capturing certain areas such as the genre, whether it meets the criteria of a gothic story. The summary is a short version of the story presented in the form that is done the author of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ although the narrative form used in the story will not be adopted.

Themes:  The author discusses the consequence of guilt/conscience and the descent into insanity. This part elaborates this theme and identifies aspects that show the narrator is not sane. The themes will also be analyzed to pinpoint the intention of the author on what reaction he intended to draw from the reader or the message the text was looking to pass on.

Analysis: This part does an analysis touching on areas where the author uses unusual syntactical arrangement, question and exclamation marks as signs that the author is easily excitable. The analysis will also look at the character and evaluate his motive for killing and try to make sense of it.

Compare: ‘The Black Cat’ is another famous tale which a parallel can be drawn from and make it even more elaborate why ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ is particularly chilling.

Personalize: This section is a reflection of the work on own life and the connection between it and the theme. The section also discusses the connection of this text to society today.

Evaluate: evaluation entails whether this work is appropriate for reading and main areas that would make me recommend the ‘The Tell-Tale Heart.’