Sexual Harassment



Sexual Harassment

    Compose a sexual harassment policy for Syntec Corporation that would address harassment issues for all employees. Next, select three (3) elements of this policy that you believe would have the greatest impact at Syntec Corporation. Justify your response.

Sexual harassment policy.

Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcoming behavior of a sexual characteristic which leaves an individual feel humiliated, intimidated and offended. It may encompass a range of action and incidents constituting harassments of verbal, non-verbal and physical nature (Lin, Babbitt, & Brown, 2014). Syntec Corporation is committed to providing its employees a working environment that is from any sought of discrimination and to outlaw any harassment of its staff base of job seekers. Conducts that will constitute sexual harassment will include but not limited to:

Physical violence, encompass assaults of sexual nature.

The use of job-related rewards or threats to attract sexual treatments.

Unwelcoming physical contacts of pinching, hugging, kissing and pinching.

Sexual advances.

Unwanted and repeated invitations for physical intimacy or social invitations.

Paternalistic comments.

Insulations based on staff’s gender.

Displaying sexually suggestive materials.

Gestures that are sexually suggestive.


An employee or outsider to the business who believes to have been harassed in anyway should;

Note the location, date and time location of the sexual harassment incident.

If comfortable enough confront the alleged harasser and inform them of the unwelcoming and offensive nature of their behaviors for them to stop.

If the complaint is uncomfortable to confront the harasser/ if the behavior persists, a formal report may be made to the management of the organization.

If all the above may be inappropriate to the harassed staff, he/she may seek help from senior staffs, for instance, senior managers or board members.

On receiving complaints on sexual harassment, the management will;

Will record the full account of the event in step by step basis.

Determine the preferred outcome for the complainant, for instance, a reshuffle in the working setup, an apology, a warning for behavior change.

Ascertain the next step that is a formal investigation or informal resolutions.

Three elements of the policy that will have the greatest impacts at Syntec Corporation will include;

Step-by-step recording of the sexual harassment incident. Sex is deemed as an abomination in some way to be discussed in public. Therefore how the organization will create an environment within which such concerns of sexual harassments could be discussed in a more open way for it to be recorded for further help can turn out to be a challenge. Therefore the success of this policy is determined largely by the environmental nature to discuss sexual harassment matters.

Formal investigation and informal resolution. The scope of the two help procedure influences the perception the staffs and other publics within the limits of the policy will have on the organization commitments to end sexual harassments at the workplace.

Constituents of sexual harassments. The scope of sexual harassments components will also have great impacts on gender. Extreme coverage may end up targeting one gender thus making them victims of allegation to sexual violence. A balanced sexual harassment components that cover all genders equally is deliberated to bring harmony in working between different genders.

2.     Give your opinion as to whether or not you believe that men and women should have equal treatment in sexual harassment issues. Defend your answer with two (2) examples that support your rationale.

I believe that both women and men should have equal treatment in sexual harassment concerns. This is because both sexes are vulnerable to sexual harassment and thus they should be treated equally. It’s a normal event that a majority of working women encounters hostile environment at their place of work from their male counterparts who demand sexual favors for promotions and other working favors (Connell, 2014). Males on the other hand encounter sex discriminations from their female bosses. With such examples of this kind calls for equal treatment for both genders on sexual harassment concerns.

3.     Suggest four (4) ways that businesses can balance the need for increased productivity with the needs and concerns of the employees. Support your rationale.

There are different ways that businesses can balance the needs for increased productivity as well as with the concern and needs of the employees. The first way to increase productivity is to increase commitment and transparency to the efficient payment to personal based on their levels of performance whether individual or groups. By doing so, the employee will be motivated to work hard and fair since they understand payments are made based on performance, therefore, the more you perform, the more earn. Secondly, is instilling a positive working environment and culture that will enhance the values of respect, teamwork, and excellence in the organization. The employee is more attracted to an organization that celebrates such values (Epstein, & Buhovac, 2014). Thirdly is by installing employee performance metrics that will foster continuous improvements. Such metrics are crucial in intensifying productivity as they provide results, feedback and focus on improvement continuous making goals for the individual employee as well as group to be realized easily. The fourth way is to prioritize allocation of resources that are deemed to have great impacts on the business performance. An employee, on the other hand, has to be told of the existence of such priorities as it would help them understanding the working process of the business to realize goals (Martello, Watson, & Fischer, 2016).

4.     Evaluate the significance of the way Megan handled Mark’s actions. Next, propose three (3) alternative methods Megan could utilize when dealing with an employee’s actions. Justify your response.

Mark and Megan are both sale representative. Mark believes that Megan could use among other genuine sales techniques, for instance, requesting during conference appointments responsible persons in businesses who approves inventory purchase to unethical one of sexual appeals to win many sales contracts which Megan clearly declines in her inner thoughts. The situation becomes more serious when Mark request Megan to join him in his room for more fun making her avoid Mark’s company completely. Now, she faces another dilemma of whether or not should she report Mark to Jeff. The action of avoiding Mark’s company is a good decision but not optimal. She has to confront Mark warn him of sexually harassing her and warn him of forwarding the harassment to their manager if he persists.

Alternative methods could utilize; first, by confronting Mark and make him fully aware of the sexual harassment he has been directing to her and warned him to cease. By doing so, Megan would have informed Mark of his conducts which Megan find unwelcoming, and he should stop if they have to work together again. The second alternative is to avoid Mark completely and instead seek sales advice directly from their boss. By doing so, she would have reduced the exposure of meeting Mark, and thus sexual harassment would decline. Third, suppose the situation becomes extreme, Megan can inform their sales boss (Jeff) for further actions. It would be much better if Megan or Mark could be transferred for either one or both of them find peace at work.

Question #5

If I were Mark I would have;

Self-evaluation and behavior change. When the behavior of Mark worsens, Megan avoided him. Mark should have faced Megan, and consult why he is avoided. Unwelcoming conducts of sexual harassment being the certain conduct, Mark should assess himself on that reason and change his behavior.

Confront Megan and seek forgiveness. I would express my remorsefulness towards by unwelcoming behavior with an afterward real change of behavior. This will express my commitment to understanding my mistakes and restore the trust we enjoyed with Megan before.

I would request from Megan the sexual behavior she considers unwelcoming. Even with a clear feature of outlined harassment sexually in a company policy, to some components, the perception people have over them are subjective. To some invitation to date may sound romantic rather than sexual harassment. Therefore a priority list may provide a boundary for Mark on what to talk about and what not to.


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