Sex Education





Sex Education

The increased debate on sex education in schools has been accredited to the high number of adolescents engaging in sexual behaviors with less regard not only of the teen pregnancies but also the diseases associated with the behavior. Most scholars believe that schools will serve as a great avenue to regulate such behaviors because it is where most young people spend time and also it is where they gain knowledge on various issues of the government. The paper below will focus on whether sex education should be taught in school concerning an article while supporting both sides of the matter.

           According to ‘Bringing Parents into The Picture’ an article by Thomas Lickona the incorporation of both parents and teachers will provide a better perspective about sex education to protect young people from the permissive society’s harmful effects. Throughout the article, the author has only incorporated the positive sides on why is not only important to incorporate sex education into the curriculum but on the significant part, the parents will play. The author’s main idea is that it is time for parents to be incorporated into the program and how this will happen. According to the author, it is important to join together with parents to prevent the suicide rates that according to him are more prone to sexually active young people, also the number of children who learn away from home will reduce too. In addition, the author believes that the effects of sexually active young people are sickening, they include teen pregnancies, STDs, high abortion rates, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and behavioral and emotional problems.

           The author also believes that by incorporating teachers this will help create an environment where young people can be open with their parents making it easier to discuss on these issues, Also, the fact that young people will be able to understand that the effects of sexual activities while young goes beyond teen pregnancies and diseases bur also self-contempt, depression, aftermath of abortion which can have long term effects. In my essay, I can use the reasons the author has stated on why it is important to incorporate sex education in our schools and the part our parents who we spend quite some time with can play. Lastly, this article is going to help me with futuristic ideas on why it is important for sex education in schools and on ways we can achieve the same.

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