Self-Introduction Speech

Self-Introduction Speech

Self-Introduction Speech

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I concur with Eleanor Roosevelt that he who mislays cash mislays much; he who mislays an acquaintance mislays much more; he who mislays faith loses all. No matter the difficulties that happen in my life, making me lose vital things, I never lost faith and ultimately won by getting the family I desired.

It surprises how certain things happen in our lives. When I got married, I realized that my hubby could not give me the family I needed. Medical results showed that my husband was not fertile five years after our marriage because of our age factor. Despite the emotional tensions and psychological pressures, I eventually got pregnant.

It reached a time the doctor phone called me only to inform me that I could not have my long-awaited baby. The new medical findings indicated that I had lost my baby. Indeed, bad things happen to good people sometimes. It pained me so much beyond explanation. My mind was blurred, and everything seemed black. Despite that, I never lose faith. My heart trusted in God’s promise, and due course, He blessed me with lovely twins. This occasion actually changed my life. God made my hands full, as I admired for a long time. As for now, I comprehend that life is full of precious gifts when we certainly have faith. Before this event happened, I used to think that my life was perfect and that a bad thing would happen to individuals due to their choices. I now realize that it is something we have to go through. I don’t treat individuals the same since I understand that difficulties in life make us more mature.

The challenge of not having kids brought problems and tough issues in our marriage. I was distressed after losing my unborn baby. My faith in God and affection for my partner changed everything. Having faith is fundamental to recognize that a loss in life is a triumph that helps us grow as human beings.