Security of Data and Information Memo Outline (2)

Security of Data and Information Memo Outline (2)

Security of Data and Information Memo Outline

To: Instructor’s name

From: Student’s name

Date: July 15, 2021

Subject: Security of data and information

Cc: Classmates


-definition of data and information security

-reason why security of data and information is important

statement of fact

– Ways of making sure that data and information between organizations and companies is secure

– Reasons for securing the transfer of data between two entities

3. Argument

– Challenges in achieving data and information security

– Solutions to challenges of securing data

Having strong passwords in computers and other gadgets

Not using public connections like Wi-Fi

Having policies in place to prevent hackers and other malicious groups from trying to get info ration that is not theirs for example increase in the number of years a person to be jailed.

– Relevance of data and information security to;





4. Conclusion

-Recommendations and plan of action for preventing loss of data to the wrong hands

Strong passwords

Using VPNs for those who can

Policies making the stealing of data criminal offense

Education of the public how their data might get into the wrong hands and how to get it back


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