Safety and Transportation

Safety and Transportation

Safety and Transportation

Lucreshia Jackson

American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Dr. Teri Logghe

28th September 2022

Safety and Transportation

Access to transportation and safety are great contributors to the health of a community. The safety level determines how healthy that particular community is. Law enforcement, including private security, plays a massive part in the health of the residents (Punch & James, 2017). Access to healthcare and other care services is made available due to access to both public and private transportation (Nieuwenhuijsen & Khreis, 2020).

During my tour of Sentinel city, I observed many policemen around the city. There was a police vehicle in the Nightingale area. There was also a police vehicle along Bodega and three police officers near the Housing Project street in the Industrial Heights neighbourhood. Therefore, there was enough law enforcement around the city to provide a high level of security without feeling oppressive. According to the City Hall information, the city’s crime rates were around 3,605.3 per 100,000. The chance of an individual being a victim of any crime in the city was around 311.1 per 100,000 individuals. The two most common crimes in Sentinel city were outstanding warrants at 23%, while other crimes were at 23%. The battery crime was 17%, becoming the third highest type of crime. These statistics show that a city is a safe place where residents can live.

Most of Sentinel city’s transportation is through buses or private cars. A single bus line provided the tour around Sentinel City with no main highway. Most roads and the streets appeared to be in good condition. The city also had several fire hydrants.

The city, however, could provide additional transportation or safety services. These could include uber services and taxi services to provide additional transportation means. Those who use bikes for transportation should be provided bike paths along the roads. Ambulance or fire services should be provided.

Safety and transportation factors are important for any community. Therefore, the city government of Sentinel should use the mentioned additional resources to ensure that the level of transportation and safety for its residents is at higher levels.


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