Rogerian Argument on Bullying

Rogerian Argument on Bullying





Rogerian Argument on Bullying

Rogerian argument is often seen as a negotiating strategy as one tries to find a common ground to reach an agreement. Bullying has been identified as a social justice issue and using the Rogerian argument you can make people understand the devastating effect that bullying has and thus the need to abolish it. The justification that kids will always be kids is wrong. It is important as a parent to let your child know that picking on a child may have an effect on them including causing emotional distress as well as low self-esteem. It is important as a parent to correct the behavior as it comes. Using a Rogerian argument in addressing bullying will help those who believe bullying as just a mere act off children being children to see it otherwise.

Bullying has also often been countered with the argument on freedom of speech. It is true that we are all entitled to state or say what we feel, but often we seem to misuse this freedom. There are children who have committed suicide because someone said something that got into them. Words have detrimental effects on someone including but not limited to decreased self-esteem, avoiding social functions, alienation from friends, depression and at times suicide (Smith, pg.67-104). It is important for those on the opposition to understand these devastating effects that bullying has on the victims

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