Risk Factors that Jeopardize Health in The Elderly


Paper details:
1.) Discuss a major risk factor for the development of disease, including special considerations for the elderly.
2.) Explain the interventions and life style changes related to the risk factor aimed at health promotion and disease prevention.
3.) Utilize evidence based practices to guide health teaching, counseling, screening, outreach, and disease outbreak and referral

1.) Select one of the following risk factors for disease: Smoking

Components to Include in the Paper:
1.) Overview of the prevalence of the risk factor in our population, highlighting vulnerable populations, ethnic differences, and the aging population.
2.) Describe the possible complications that can occur if the risk factor is not addressed and treated appropriately, highlighting special concerns for the elderly.
3.) Identify appropriate nursing interventions that can be used to address the risk factor, including patient teaching for life style changes.
4.) Review three evidence based nursing articles that address health promotion and disease prevention related to the identified risk factor
– Summarize the information presented in the articles.
– Discuss how the information might change the delivery of care for patients with the identified risk factors.
5.) Format
– APA format
– Bibliography must include references other than required textbook and must have a minimum of 5 references: two references from professional internet sources and three evidence based articles.

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