Rhetorical Situation

Rhetorical Situation





Rhetorical Situation

I am not so proud of my reading habits and I wish I spent more time reading. Successful people read an average of 50 books a year and that is where I would like to be. I am not doing this only as a recipe for success but to improve my vocabulary and writing skills. I am not sure if reading articles online counts because I do a lot of that. I mostly enjoy entertainment articles and magazines. Although I am not where I am in terms of reading, I believe is a very essential aspect of life and working to do better.

Active is simply with a clear motive to understand and assess it for its significance. It should not be misunderstood as just reading and re-reading because without proper determination it becomes an ineffective way to understand and learn. Active reading entails critical engagement with the content which is done properly, re-reading becomes unimportant.

The elements of a rhetoric situation interact to determine the type of argument that will generate the most effect on the audience in question (target audience) depending on circumstance. The five elements of rhetoric situation include:Purpose

This is the reason for writing, persuade, instruct, inform or persuade. There is no writing without purpose. Before beginning the essay, the writer predetermines what the intended effect the writing is to have on the audience.


An audience is an individual or group who takes action on the writing. Understanding the personality of the audience informs the best technique and language to deliver the message.


Genre is an element that accomplishes the social and cognitive work of a piece. Using the patterns of a genre that appeals to an audience is a guiding element in essay writing that accomplishes its purpose and allows me as a writer to establish a functioning connection with the audience.


This is the attitude or tone used in the essay. The tone guides the conveyance of a particular message in the essay and affects the reader in an intended way. Stance affects how the reader receives the message presented in the essay.


This is a method of communication using visuals. The essay should enable the reader to see the items as the writer sees them.