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Advertisements is a way of communication from companies to customers on goods and services in the market. The adverts are either texts or images that tell about the product on sale, location and sometimes price and discount depending on the product. Lately advertisements have become one of the most powerful and effective tools companies are using to launch and brand products. Advertisements are mostly the cause of purchase of product as they have much effect on the person who sees them. Advertisements are found in various Medias and forms and vary from company to company and product to product. The images used in advertisements can be analyzed to get their meaning and the authors’ intention behind the image using visual rhetoric analysis.

Option 3 is an image of two burgers which are referred to as ‘Burger king’ with a message of “Seems more like a medium”. The burgers are in two different sizes, a big size and a small size burger, with the big one on the left and small on the right. They are also strategically position at the center of the advert to create more attention. The big burger also appears to have more content in its layers as compared to the small one. It is also clear that the camera is zoomed on the big burger more than the small one. This is a way to attract the attention of the buyers to consider the big burger more than the small one despite of the fact that is a bit costly than the small one. The colors used on the image show the contents of the burgers and the layers each burger has. This is to give the customer the liberty to choose depending on taste and preference.

The image is meant to attract buyers not only to buy the burgers from any store but specifically from Burger King as there is a log of the store on the left bottom part of the advert to show where the product can be found. The text beside the small burger ‘BIG MAC? SEEMS MORE LIKE A MEDIUM’ tries to convince the buyers that as much as the burger is considered as the small burger, in their store it’s not actually small but almost a medium size as compared to other small ones. The bold, uppercase letters with white color ensures that people are able to read the message clearly and be convinced as the white color show sincerity.

The colors used on the advert have a good shade to show the different parts of the product and the text which explains the product. The dark shade used as background makes the product more visible and appealing to the buyers and controls their focus on the product and not what is in the background. The vocabulary used to send the message is simple and direct to be understood by all buyers. The language used is a commons language spoken by most people hence the advert is able to convey the message to most people. The advert tends to target both the old and young people as it’s a consumable product that anyone can consume.

The author illustrates clearly that it’s only in Burger King were such burgers can be found with the looks, sizes and quality using the image. The text on about the small burger saying that it’s more of medium sways the buyers’ emotions to going for the burgers at the store which offers larger sizes than the others. As much as the advert has all that is required to convince the buyers, the size of the advert may not be effective as not all buyer see the small advert. Also most buyer prefer advert with prices for the product for budgeting purpose.

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