Responsibility and honesty is a virtue that every individual is entitled to acquire throughout their upbringing

Responsibility and honesty is a virtue that every individual is entitled to acquire throughout their upbringing


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Responsibility and honesty is a virtue that every individual is entitled to acquire throughout their upbringing. Children should, therefore, be made responsible for the things they did and made to admit in honesty if they are wrong so that they can be forgiven. During my time as a small child, I was brought up by both of my parents who used to be very strict in the matters of discipline. Despite their restrictive nature, I was one of the worst girls in my town having some of the worst behaviors and as wellbeing cunny. It is not until I finished my high school that I came to realize that self-discipline and respect are necessary for the peaceful coexistence with the people surrounding you, and this happened when I had to join college, and I had to live away from my parents.

Being a small kid, I was always under the protection of my parents, and I was assured that no harm could come on my way. I used to be arrogant, and no one mattered in my life expect myself. The virtue of selfishness and dishonesty dominated my young age for a long time until it came to a point I had no one to look after me or even protect me from my awful behavior. Just after the completion of my high school, I was admitted to college, a place where my life turned to a different course. During my previous years, I made almost no friends due to my arrogant attitude and thus none of the kids would have liked to be associated with me. I always had my parents as I lived with them and thus I think it propelled my attitude further as I knew that by the end of the day, I would make up with my parents and therefore making friends at school never crossed my mind.

Things turned out to be worse in college. For one, I was admitted to a faraway college that is far from my parents, and this, therefore, had a negative implication for me. The reason is that that I had to start depending on myself. At this age, I was considered mature and able to make the right decisions, and that’s why my parents opted to take me to a far college so that I could change my behavior and be a good girl. At the time I cared less as I didn’t know what life without my parents would be and I had thought that I had finally regained my freedom to do I wish. It never turned out to be as I expected, the freedom that I thought I was provided by staying away from my parents was slowly killing me from my inside. For one reason, I was a quiet but arrogant person who previously was used to things being done for me. At this time, no one was there, and I had to plan everything by myself with no guidance. Having no friends in college, I had no one to share the experiences I was passing through in my life.

I didn’t know how to make friends by myself, and the only friends that I had were my parents and the group members to whom we used to share class assignments with and thus were limited. Staying in this kind of lonely life in school affected my self-esteem and socialization and became depressed engaging in irresponsible behaviors, taking excessive alcohol and abusing some other drugs. At this point, I was taken to a peer counselor in college where I explained everything that I was going through in my life. The counselor had a lot to tell me asking me to pull out my pride. I was told that no man is capable of living alone as well need every person in our lives. Being arrogant does not pay and will only add more harm to my life, and therefore I was advised to change my antisocial behavior to be a cool woman.

The peer counselor did a lot to me as I opened up my mind and realized that I had previously taken the wrong way and that it is true that I could not manage life by myself. In college, I needed friends to keep me happy something that in the earlier days mattered nothing to me. Am delighted that now am a reformed woman cherishing every moment and making new friends daily. Am now able to take a life course of a changed person thanks to my best friend who took me to the counselor. I have become honest with my friends, and I no longer disrespect them as they are part of my life. I learned to be responsible for all my decisions that I make as I know that if I make the wrong decisions, it evident that my life will get into a mess again.